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Meet the powerful core technology behind our gas-assisted injection molding solutions In August 2017, the world-famous children's seat customers Dorel awarded us an important new production and development project based on our long-term cooperation performance and professional ability affirmation. The technology for this large, complex plastic...

It was a great honor to have our loyal American customers visiting us last week. Qualdeval have worked together with Immetech for 8 years; we have always trusted and supported each other, and continued to provide high-precision die-casting products to the end customer, a world-renowned...

To mark the 2019 Mid-Autumn Festival, we have prepared Mid-Autumn moon cakes for all partners, to help employees and their families feel the warmth as part of the company's "big family", and to extend festive greetings and best wishes to them.Immetech has a fine tradition of preparing...

In-mold pressure/temperature and venting sensors live monitoring technology At Immetech, our core competitiveness lies in the provision of high-tech molds and parts to customers worldwide. We have rich experience in In-mold pressure/temperature and venting sensors live monitoring technology, with applications for the related intellectual property rights...

Immetech and CUMSA providing solutions to injection molding problemsInjection molding technology has been developing rapidly in recent years, and consumers have increasingly high expectations regarding the function and appearance of products. Due to the requirements for high impact resistance and zero welding lines, the production...

Immetech organized an all-staff Health Check With an accelerated pace of life and increases of work pressure, the physical fitness of employees is particularly important. In order to effectively maintain the physical and mental health of employees, build a harmonious working environment, and provide a "health...