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Working with Siemens on safe workplace systems

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Working with Siemens on safe workplace systems

Smart solutions for fighting the COVID-19 epidemic

Half of 2020 has passed in a flash, with COVID-19 still prevalent around the world. Although home quarantine is the simplest and most effective response to the pandemic, there are times that we have to go outside. To keep industry running and society developing, we still need to work outside or in the office. In particular, researchers striving to tackle the virus still have to take the risk of going to work.


How to reduce the risk of getting infected while out or at work? In the early days of the outbreak, Siemens was quick to respond, shifting gears and launching a new system, SAFE, that assists in tracking contacts in real time. Part of the Siemens Safer Workplace solutions, the Safe application delivers digital technology to assist the contact tracing process. Built upon Siemens’ real-time location services capability, employees are provided badge-tags they carry while in the workplace. Safe continuously records location, movement, and proximity of the badges relative to each other while in the building.


Enlighted Digital Contact Tracing Application for Safer Workplaces from Enlighted, Inc. on Vimeo.

It’s a great honor for Immetech to have been able to help Siemens to develop the enclosures’ tools and be responsible for enclosures’ production, contributing to global epidemic control. The Surface Sensor USB project was started at the end of 2019; Immetech arranged the tools manufacturing process quickly, and shipped the T0 samples to the client for confirmation before Chinese New Year in early 2020. We assisted customers in completing the first batch of trial production as soon as possible after receiving the instructions from Chinese government in February to resume work. Until now, Immetech has assisted in the production of more than 80,000 sets of plastic enclosures. Immetech is doing its part to control the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the risk of being infected in the workplace.

We feel very honored to make contributions to the well-being of people all over the world. At the same time, we are looking forward to cooperating with more customers and working together to change and improve the world even further. See more on this Siemens project here. If you need support for your new projects, please contact us at Immetech!