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We are looking for a global Brand and Marketing Manager

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We are looking for a global Brand and Marketing Manager

Join us, with your ability, ideas and ambition

The ideal post for someone with rich experience in the manufacturing industry, a global perspective and command of English as a working language

Immetech Industrial is a one-stop solutions provider in tooling design and tool-making, molding, project development and production and assembly as well as logistic services of the highest standard. We strive to fulfil our comprehensive corporate vision to “Serve products to the world; build molds to the globe”. In order to increase our global marketing efforts and to maintain and promote our brand on social media, we are recruiting a Brand and Marketing Manager, open to applicants from all over the world. He/She will help to promote our products and service, shape and strengthen the core values of Immetech, increase our influence and brand awareness, listen efficiently and collect customer feedback, and create an annual marketing and promotional plan as well as our brand strategy. With this opportunity, you will have enough space to prove your ability and show the world your outstanding performance. Please contact us as soon as possible!


Immetech Employees

What you will do

Marketing planning

  • Develop a brand and communication strategy, increase sales channels, track and achieve sales targets and revenue growth
  • Organize marketing activities including exhibitions, industry associations, websites and social networking platforms; monitor promotion effectiveness and create analytical reports
  • Cooperate with the sales team to conduct social media marketing for our new products and technologies to ensure the continuous growth of new customers

Immetech Industrial image promotion

  • Be familiar with the operation of LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms; plan and implement a global social media operation and communication strategy
  • Investigate and analyze user preferences and network hotspots; combine company products and activities; improve fan activity and capture the growth of social media fans driven by digital efforts
  • Good brand management, promotional creativity, event planning, copywriting and writing skills, excellent sense of aesthetics and visuals, photography and short video recording skills required

Customer data information management

  • Data sorting: Monitor and control operational projects according to performance and market feedback; Analyze and evaluate the relevant traffic data; optimize promotional efforts on social networking platforms
  • Timely adjusting of marketing strategy; collect market information and customer resources, integrate and edit information resources
  • Successful and creative communication with customers online and offline


Who are you?

1.     Bachelor’s degree or above, with professional background or experience in e-commerce, journalism and media, international business, etc.

2.     Bilingual, with English as a working language, plus Japanese and Spanish preferred

3.     Excellent content planning, visual and writing skills; rich experience in brand content marketing and social media operation, with good logic and vivid language

4.     Broad vision, good at analyzing and integrating information resources; curious about social trends and user psychology.

Immetech Employee

Recruiting target:Worldwide


Annual salary:150,000RMB+ negotiable.

Send Resume to:[email protected]