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    Visit to Benchmark Electronics Thailand HQ

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    Visit to Benchmark Electronics Thailand HQ

    Immetech CEO Jason Xu visits long-time partner to further cooperation


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    The new year is off to a promising start, as Immetech founder Jason Xu has returned from a fruitful visit to Benchmark Electronic’s Thailand offices. Jason met with our client from the USA to travel together first to Benchmark’s facilities in Korat, and then on to their Ayutthaya location. The Ayutthaya site alone boasts a staff of 4,000 people and both sites offered very impressive capabilities, cleanliness and positivity. Immetech has built many tools in the past for this client, with a cooperation going back more than five years. This includes the molding and shipping of plastic goods to their own assembly line. From there, products are supplied all over the globe.

    Due to the changing landscape in manufacturing and recent tariff changes, this meeting was held specifically to tackle these challenges together, head-on, and realize specific plans for future production and assembly. Beautiful weather during the trip was reflected in the positive mood and good progress made all round.

    Immetech is truly in tune with the corporate vision shared by Benchmark, including among other things, “Customer Focus”, “Working Smart” and “Acting Like an Owner”. This philosophy results in excellent quality of work not only through training and technology, but through investing in people from the very beginning. It was great to travel together to visit these sites and to remain proactive and harmonious in our approach. We look forward to many more years cooperation and meeting challenges together.

    You can catch more photos from the trip, and keep up with more updates from Immetech, by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. See you there!


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