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Visit to 3form Design in the UK

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Visit to 3form Design in the UK

Immetech founder and President Jason Xu has just returned from a successful and pleasant journey to the UK, to visit the company’s partner and UK office, in Whitchurch, Hampshire. During the visit the group held deep discussions around the current and future plans for Immetech

Our 3form Design colleagues also took the opportunity to show Jason where he will need to visit the next time he arrives in the UK. Buildings in China are so different in style and frame that they relished the opportunity to get into the grit of how they are renovating the old Chapel into their new Design Studio.

An English pub dinner is a must, so Jason with them headed to The Peat Spade in Stockbridge for their famous Fish & Chips. A great opportunity to sit back with a pint and catch up, nothing beats a country pub.

Jason always enjoys sharing our Chinese culture to all kinds of friends for our mutual understanding of different culture. So this time Jason took the chance to show our 3FD team Chinese Tea art and try some rare Chinese Tea. Having it served in the authentic Chinese way with the proper pot and glasses only made the experience taste that much sweeter. We are after all a nation known for loving tea.

Before Jason’s scheduled back China, Jason was lucky enough to be showed the classic charm of England by taking him to the luxury 5* Country House Hotel Pennyhill Park. The sun was out and the Champagne flowed, needless to say, it was the perfect way to say their farewells, until next time of course.

Jason and Austen toasted to their 10 year relationship and agreed to increase the flow of UK and Chinese staff between the two countries.