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    How to Make a Quality Mold

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    How to Make a Quality Mold

    How we take a mold from concept through to shipment

    Step 1: Customer places an order with part data.
    The first stage in the journey towards a finished mold begins when we confirm our client’s needs, and they place an order. We then receive the 2D/3D part data, injection machine size, part material parameters and so on, that will allow us to begin planning and design.
    how to make a quality mold 1Step 2: Mold-flow and DFM report
    Next, we will carry out mold flow analysis, and according to analysis result, create the DFM (Design for Manufacturing) report. The molding process is digitally simulated to give essential information needed for the project. This is communicated with customer to determine the mold design proposal.
    how to make a quality mold 2Step 3: Mold designing
    At this stage, our mold designers will complete the design according to the mold flow analysis and DFM report. The detailed design is then submitted to customer for validation.
    how to make a quality mold 3Step 4: Mold manufacture and assembly
    After we have the customer’s final approval, and the mold design is fully reviewed and signed off, we begin steel machining and parts assembly. This is where the mold begins to take shape.
    how to make a quality mold 4Step 5: Mold trial
    The mold trial is the most important process in inspecting the mold manufacturing quality. We fully explore any mold issues and then solve them at our plant, ensuring the mold will operate perfectly on location at the customers’ injection plant. Immetech is dedicated to rigorous quality control procedures, for the best possible results.
    how to make a quality mold 5Step 6: Mold optimization
    According to the mold trial results, we will then carry out mold improvement work to optimize performance and correct any problems. Normally we will have the mold tested 1-3 times to ensure the end result completely meets our customer’s requirements.
    how to make a quality mold 6Step 7: Shipment
    Finally, and after getting the customer’s approval for mold shipment, we package the mold well, then contact the logistic forwarder to deliver the it to customer. The precision mold will arrive in good time, read to provide long and high quality service.

    how to make a quality mold 7To find out how we can help you with your molding and tooling needs, get in touch.