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    The Latest in Our Battle Against COVID-19 

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    The Latest in Our Battle Against COVID-19 

    Immetech stands up to coronavirus and vaccinates employees

    We are nearly halfway through 2021, which means the COVID-19 outbreak has lasted for over a year, with global efforts continuing every day to reduce the severity of the pandemic and keep it under control. Recently, the WHO listed Chinas national coronavirus vaccine and Sinovacs vaccine on the emergency use list”, with China successfully developing a COVID-19 vaccine leading to mass vaccinations across the country.

    Hearing the call, we all worked together to fight this pandemic

    In general, the vaccine has been developed using different processes such as the inactivated virus vaccine, the adenovirus vector vaccine, the recombinant protein vaccine, and mRNA vaccine. 

    China was one of the first countries to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, and currently administers the national coronavirus vaccine and Sinovac vaccine to its general population.  

    According to statistics, 280 million doses of the vaccine have already been administered in mainland China, accounting for 23% of all global vaccinations. To break it down further, China’s citizens receive 7.2 million vaccine doses per day, which is 3 times more than the USA, which ranks second place for administered vaccines. 

    Immetech actively responded to the call to get everyone vaccinated, so we organized our employees to get a COVID-19 vaccination on May 6th, 2021. 

    We decided to document our experience to show the procedure, and for those who might be curious to see what it is like to get vaccinated in China. 

    To start off, once all our Immetech employees signed in at 8.30 am, we made our way to the vaccination site at Dalingshan. 

    As soon as we arrived we noticed there was a considerable queue ahead of us, and made our way to join the orderly line, patiently waiting with the rest and making sure to wear a mask, and keeping a safe distance away from others. 

    The superheroes that are the nurses and doctors were working hard to administer as many vaccines as possible, still putting 110% effort into everything they do. We give our praise once again to every health worker and essential worker during this pandemic. 

    Despite the large volume of people getting vaccinated, the site was still in good shape, and the plentiful supply of vaccines ensured that 100% of the attendees could be innoculated.

    Science and technology capabilities 

    Just as the medical field has rapidly transformed to introduce new technologies and solutions to counter COVID-19, we have been doing the same for the manufacturing field to produce medical parts. In July 2020, Immetech imported Demag high-speed injection molding machines and 4 sets of Toshiba high-speed electric injection molding machines, as well as expanding the 10,000 grade medical clean injection molding workshop. Additionally, we are also making contributions to maintain our employee’s wellbeing and safety at work. 

    Immetech provides free masks for all our employees and sends large quantities of masks to all our customers as well, because we believe everyone should be protected from COVID-19. 

    We are confident that with the recent vaccination progress, countries around the world will beat COVID-19 together. Immetech has been actively cooperating with customers to meet the demand for medical products. Even under severe market conditions caused by this virus, Immetech has continued to steadily develop and produce products with the high-quality finish we are known for. We will continue to look for innovative ways to help our customers and the world in this difficult time, and beat this pandemic together.