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Technology enhances health

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Technology enhances health

Immetech assists Mojie in developing detoxification device

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The global epidemic has disrupted people’s lives and, at the same time, many people are beginning to pay more attention to the health qualities of their daily fruit and vegetables. According to World Health Organization statistics, there are many thousands of cases of pesticide poisoning globally every year, leading to large numbers of deaths. A large proportion of cancers and many diseases are identified as being related to pesticide residues. It has been found that the over-standard rate of pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits can be very high, and that the probability of poisoning is far greater for children than adults. To solve the urgent problem of pesticide residue, Mojie Science and Technology and The Chinese Academy of Sciences together developed the Mojie detoxification machine, offering new processes for improving people’s dietary health.

Immetech is honored to have collaborated in the development and manufacture of the Mojie fruit and vegetable detoxification instrument’s appearance and structure. Immetech brought its professional knowledge to solve all kinds of technological problems, such as achieving large area color uniformity and high gloss, and the prevention of poor matching and product surface shrinkage. Through joint efforts with Mojie Science, the detoxification machine was officially launched into mass production in September 2020. The leaders of Shenyang Research Institute and the Northeast Revitalization Industrial Design Industry Alliance spoke highly of the products and hope to continuously launch more products to better serve people’s health in the future.

Immetech assisted Mojie Science with the successful product launch of the Mojie fruit and vegetable detoxification apparatus, to help raise the product’s profile and promote wider understanding of the health product experience.

As always, Immetech is firmly committed to innovation and continual improvement of professional professional ability, remaining focused on the objective of improving people’s quality of life and health through science and technology. We continuously enhance our competitiveness in product development, manufacturing equipment and manufacturing management software, and facilities hardware and development.