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Get your questions answered, check out our credentials, see what equipment we have to offer, and discover our processes. This is the tech behind Immetech.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

Immetech specialises in a number of services, under four main categories. These are, Tooling, Design & Project Management, Rapid Prototype and Production. Specific processes include product design, mold development, manufacturing, molding, painting, plating, pad printing & silk screening, assembly, logistic services and more. For full details head to our Services page and don’t hesitate to get in touch for specific needs.

What advanced mold technology can you offer?

We can provide customers with the most advanced technology (including mold temperature and pressure sensor technology, in-mold vacuum system, nitrogen-assisted molding, IMD/IML double-shot mold development and manufacturing and more) and the shortest possible lead time for mold building.

How large a mold can you make?

At present, our company can make large and medium-sized molds with a product size up to 2000mm*1800mm and a mold weight of 20 tons.

What is injection molding?

Injection molding is the process of heating plastic, or other material, to inject into a cast mold, in order to achieve mass production of a wide variety of complex shapes.

How does injection molding work?

Injection molding uses pressure to force a production material, or charge (typically plastic), that has been heated until it is liquid, through a delivery system (sprue, runner and gates), into a mold. The mold comes in cavity and core parts, and when the material has cooled and hardened, it is the ejected and the excess is removed. The process is generally low waste and highly cost effective, allowing for complicated parts to be very accurately and efficiently produced at high volumes.

What materials do you use?

Immetech uses high quality materials from Germany and Japan. Mold Steel P20, 738,718, NAK80, H13, S136, 420SS; Plastic Materials, ABS, PC, PC/ABS, POM, PA+30GF, PMMA, TPE, Silicone; Metal Materials: ADC12, ZL102, Zinc alloy, AL6061 and others.

What machinery do you use?

Immetech employs top quality machinery in all design and production including MAKINO EDGE3 EDM machine, FANUC D14MIB CNC machine, MITSUBISHI EDM machine, DMG MORI CNC machine and JING SHENG 1370 CNC. Jump to our equipment list below for the full details.

How big is your company?

Immetech has over 150 expertly trained and qualified staff, with a facility of over 6,000 meters squared. We also have a UK office with a professional R&D and design team. Head to our Team page to find out more about the people behind Immetech.

Where are you located?

Immetech has facilities in Guangdong, China, in the mold making capital of the world, Dongguan, with easy access to Shenzhen deep bay and international air routes. Our UK offices are located in the South of England, 1 hour from London. Visit our Contact page for all the details.

What kind of software do you accept for quotation?

We are able to work with file conversion formats X_T, IGES, STEP, DXF/DWG, PRO/E NUETRAL, CGR etc. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a specific requirement.

What is your minimum order quantity or project size?

Project and product specifications can vary a great deal, so it is best to contact us to discuss your needs.


When you begin a project with Immetech, we meticulously consider the lead time, cost of production and processing technology, and the processing cycle of the project, from the very beginning. Whether you come to us with a preliminary design concept or complete CAD design, our professional team will help with comprehensive design analysis, screen the potential problems, help you with the choice of materials, mold structure and processing techniques.  At the same time, our flexible solutions can adapt to your last-minute design changes, allowing you to capture the market faster.

Mold Manufacturing Process – exactly what to expect along the way

mold making process chart

Quality Control

Immetech has a well-established Quality Control (QC) program to ensure that all resources maintain the highest level of accuracy. Fully ISO9001:2015 quality and ISO13485 medical certified. Our practices are grounded in our customers’ requirements for products to meet their specifications precisely and punctually. We used advanced equipment, including 3D CMM measurement and 2.5D coordinate measurement, for the best possible results. Our system allows for early detection of possible defects to expedite necessary corrective actions.


Immetech is equipped with all kinds precise milling machines, grinding machines, CNC machines, EDM machines, wire cutting machines, and more, which enables the fast manufacturing and repair a variety of different molds. The manufacturing department has injection molding machines from 86 to 250 tons, and can produce all types of plastic products. Immetech has the capacity to build 40-50 sets of medium-sized molds every month, and an annual output of more than 500 sets of medium molds. We can provide customers with the most advanced technology (including sensors, vacuum, blowing nitrogen, IMD, IML, etc.) and a truly short lead time for mold building. At present, we can build molds in P20, 738,718, NAK80, H13, S136 and 420SS mold insert steel, up to a size of 2000mm * 1800mm, and as heavy as 20 tons.

Dept. 部门Equipment 设备Equipment Brand 设备型号Specification 设备参数Qty 数量
Maker 设备制造商
Tool making facility 模具制造部
DMG MORI NV4000DCG600*400*4001Japan 日本
DMG MORI NVD5000DCG @1A/40800*510*5101Japan 日本
FANUC D14MIB500*400*3302Japan 日本
OKUMA640600*400*4001Japan 日本
YOJO 1610 Brige CNC1600*1000*8001China 中国
BAOGENG HIGH SPEED CNC850*600*5002China 中国
JING SHENG 1370 CNC 精森1370 CNC1300*700*6001China 中国
3 AXIS CNC800*500*4503China 中国
MAKINO EDGE3 日本牧野EDGE3 精密镜面火花机450*300*3201Japan 日本
MAKINO EDGE3 +8ATC 日本牧野EDGE3 +8ATC精密镜面火花机450*300*3201Japan 日本
MAKINO EDGE3+16ATC+C axis Rotation 日本牧野EDGE3+16ATC+C精密镜面火花机450*300*3203Japan 日本
MITSUBISHI EDM EA8SM 三菱精密镜面火花机350*250*2301Japan 日本
ZNC-450400*350*3004China 中国
ZNC-750750*450*3501China 中国
DF-545(MP50)550*400*2001China 中国
Omion Double head EDM Omion双头火花机1600*900*6001China 中国
Wire cut machine 线切割机
Walking thread cutting550*450*3503China 中国
Sodick slow-feeding wire cut 沙迪克慢走丝550*350*3203Japan 日本
Tapping machine 攻牙机MODF HZN-12SMAX M302China 中国
Injection mold equipments 注塑车间设备
Injection machine 注塑设备
Ultrasonic Welding Machine 超声波焊接机20Khz1China 中国
Laser Engraving Machine 激光雕刻机400*4001China 中国
Vertical injection machine 立式注塑机300*3001China 中国
Haitian MA860/86Ton 海天注塑机 MA860/86Ton360*3602China 中国
Haitian MA1200/120Ton 海天注塑机 MA1200/120Ton410*4102China 中国
Haitian MA1600/160Ton 海天注塑机 MA1600/160Ton455*4553China 中国
Haitian MA2000/200Ton 海天注塑机 MA2000/200Ton510*5102China 中国
ZHAFIR ZE1200/300H high speed470*4201Germany 德国
YIZUMI UN160SKII/160Ton450*4355China 中国
Multi-function heat stake machine 多功能热熔机400*3002China 中国
Assembly line 生产装配线Dust-Free  无尘车间3China 中国
Dept. 部门Equipment 设备Equipment Brand 设备型号Specification 设备参数Qty 数量
Maker 设备制造商
Tool making facility 模具制造部
Grinder 磨床
HYFAIR 614S350*250*1501China 中国
Seeded614S350*250*1502China 中国
Kent740500*350*2001China 中国
HF-618S200*180*1502China 中国
JC-618S350*250*2202China 中国
Roth800*500*4001China 中国
Miller 铣床
3S500*350*2501China 中国
JIA SHU600*400*3002China 中国
HY Best800*500*3204China 中国
RM5H800*500*3201China 中国
King star1000*600*4002China 中国
Driller 钻床YD122¢32*4002China 中国
Lather 车床CNC-6140/T¢360*L7501China 中国
Spotting machine 合模机SHUNXIN 2001600*1300*15001China 中国
Gun Driller 枪钻机On-plan 计划中
Inspection equipments 测量设备
3D CMM Hexagon-8106M 海克斯康精密三次元测量1000*800*6001Switzerland 瑞士
3D CMM lead-8060M800*600*4001China 中国
2.5D Coordinate measurement400*300*2501China 中国
Salt spray test machine 盐雾试验测试仪900*600*4001China 中国
Steel Hardness Tester 钢料硬度测试机
1China 中国
Color meter 色差仪
1Japan 日本
Inspection equipments 测量设备
Power twister 扭力器
1China 中国
Temperature detector 温度探测器
1China 中国
Chest developer 拉力器
1China 中国
Other equipment 其他设备Height Gauge/PIN Gauge/Screw gauge 高度规/针规/螺丝规1/20China 中国
Mold engraving machine 模具设备Laser Engraving machine 激光雕刻打标机500*6001China 中国
Double shot molding shop 双色模成型工厂
Equipment name/specification 设备名称/规格Distance Tie Rods (H* 拉杆间距(H* 数量Locating Diameter (mm) 定位圈直径(mm)Nozzle Radius 喷嘴半径(SR)Injection speed(mm/s) 注塑速度(mm/s)1st shot Ejection weight(g) 第一啤射出重量(g)2nd shot Ejection weight(g) 第二啤射出重量(g)3rd shot Ejection weight(g) 第三啤射出重量(g)4th shot Ejection weight(g) 第四啤射出重量(g)Remarks 备注
new shop Injection machine equipments 新工厂注塑机设备
Double Injection machine and high speed injection machine 双色模注塑机和高速注塑机
Tederic DE140Ton high speed 泰瑞140吨全电高速机530*4701100SR10400165gN/AN/AN/ASingle shot 单射
Tederic DE180Ton high speed 泰瑞180吨全电高速机580*5301100SR10400186gN/AN/AN/ASingle shot 单射
Tederic DE230Ton high speed 泰瑞230吨全电高速机620*6201100SR10400246gN/AN/AN/ASingle shot 单射
Tederic DE260Ton high speed 泰瑞260吨全电高速机605*6051100SR10400348gN/AN/AN/ASingle shot 单射
Tederic DE388Ton high speed 泰瑞388吨全电高速机750*7001150SR15160429gN/AN/AN/ASingle shot 单射
Tederic DE478Ton high speed 泰瑞478吨全电高速机850*8001150SR15160562gN/AN/AN/ASingle shot 单射
280Ton double shot injection machine 280吨平行双色注塑机920*5701150SR10/SR10111/124347g168gN/AN/A
2 colors of parallel turntable 双色平行转盘
530Ton double shot injection machine 530吨三功位+天侧双色注塑机1180*7301150SR15/SR10125/118636g274gN/AN/A
2 colors of parallel turntable 双色平行转盘
810Ton double shot+vertical injection machine 810吨三功位双色注塑机1370*8001150SR15/SR10/SR10117/111/1231120g347g214gN/A
2 colors of parallel+Vertical turntable 双色平行+垂直转盘
1000Ton double shot injection machine 1000吨平行双色注塑机1260X11751200SR15/SR15198/1331057g326gN/AN/A
2 colors of parallel turntable 双色平行转盘
1200Ton double shot injection machine 1200吨平行双色注塑机1260X11751200SR15/SR15155/1121624g452gN/AN/A
2 colors of parallel turntable 双色平行转盘
1400Ton double shot+vertical injection machine 1400吨三功位120度双色注塑机1460*13601200SR15/SR15/SR10131/137/1371624g452g452gN/A
2 colors of parallel+Vertical turntable 双色平行+垂直转盘
1800Ton Horizontal turntable double shot injection machine 1800吨对射,独立透明PC螺杆注塑机1850*15001250SR15/SR15/SR15125/116/3243931g2442g452gN/A
Horizontal turntable 3 color 水平转盘,3色
1920Ton 3 colors of parallel+vertical injection machine 1920吨四功,,独立透明PC螺杆注塑机1850*15001250SR15/SR15/SR15122/116/131/1371057g2442g597g452g
3 colors of parallel+Vertical turntable 3色平行+垂直转盘


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