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Take an exclusive tour of Immetech’s clean medical grade molding workshop

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Take an exclusive tour of Immetech’s clean medical grade molding workshop

Explore the cutting-edge components of Immetech’s clean medical grade workshop that enable us to deliver results of a precisely high standard for our customers, click play below for a special tour with one of our team members!

The workshop was established in 2020 when there was increasing demand for medical equipment due to the effects of the global pandemic. Since then Immetech has used it to manufacture products for companies from the medical, automotive, and daily necessities markets.

To make sure mold production goes smoothly, pollutants such as particles, harmful emissions, and bacteria can be removed from the workshop’s atmosphere. Indoor temperature, pressure, cleanliness, airflow velocity & distribution, noise, vibration, lighting, and static electricity can also be controlled.

Strict working conditions to ensure high quality
Immetech takes extra steps to guarantee high product quality in this workplace, all staff who work there have been through special training to qualify for its strict standards. Before entering the room they carefully comply with purification procedures such as wearing protective clothing including masks, disinfecting themselves, and washing their hands thoroughly.

Guaranteeing absolute isolation

All scrap, feeding, and mixing materials are kept isolated simultaneously to prevent any mutual influences from different production links. The mixing room is independently separated into small rooms, and its feeding system is directly isolated through special pipes that are used to transport components into special machinery to make sure no other factors disrupt the isolated materials. Furthermore, employees are washed down with air showers before entering the interior.

Workshop machinery and their processes 

Machinery operating in this room includes powerful high-speed injection molding equipment by Demag and Toshiba. Their production partner, the mold, is supported by mold monitoring, automatic mold closing, opening, and ejection systems. To prevent any mold damage the monitoring system will automatically identify if any mistakes are occurring. During the mold’s production process, a Fully Automated Manipulator picks up and transports the production parts to a special area to complete sorting and packaging. Then the parts are sent to an inspection studio, where operators classify and sort out the qualified products.

Over the past few years, Immetech has been constantly investing in this medical-grade molding workshop by optimizing its high-quality equipment, product quality and quality control procedures. We believe that by carefully maintaining and innovating our industrial applications, this workroom will keep improving in its development and manufacturing of medical equipment and accessories. At Immetech we will keep striving to provide the best value for our customers while helping all to live a better life.

To learn more about Immetech’s medical grade molding workshop, or to inquire about any technical support for mold manufacturing projects, please feel free to contact us at [email protected], and we will do our best to assist you in helping you bring your product conception to reality!