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Design requirements for a 10K class dust-free injection workshop  A dust-free workshop refers to the removal of particulates, harmful air, bacteria and any other pollutant in the air within a set-out space. This also includes the indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, air velocity & distribution, noise,...

New high-precision Sumitomo equipment installed Sumitomo SE50EV-A all-electric precision injection molding machines put into production   To "Serve products to the world, build molds to the globe" will always be Immetech’s vision. Our vision allows a way of thinking that guides the development of the business in the...

Where does the future lie for plastics in automobiles?    There are currently 39 different types of basic plastics and polymers that are used in vehicles according to a published 2020 report by EuRIC. 32% of plastic used is polypropylene which is commonly applied to vehicle bumpers...

Immetech Industrial Introduces Degating In-Mold Technology for High-Quality Product Development Services As an advanced injection molding technology, degating in-mold technology is already widely used in global high-quality products. With increasing labor costs and product quality expectations in China, many well-known enterprises in China, such as SAMSUNG,...

In-mold pressure/temperature and venting sensors live monitoring technology At Immetech, our core competitiveness lies in the provision of high-tech molds and parts to customers worldwide. We have rich experience in In-mold pressure/temperature and venting sensors live monitoring technology, with applications for the related intellectual property rights...