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    On the 28th – 30th of March in Rosemont, Illinois - Immetech attended the annual PTXPO to discuss everything from injection molding to mass production. The Plastics Technology Expo (PTXPO) is an annual North American tradeshow where businesses within the manufacturing sector exhibit, network, and educate...

    A New Year is a time for looking to the future, and at Immetech, this year we have revisited and refreshed our company’s vision and outlook. For many years, our guiding motto here at Immetech has been the phrase “Serve products to the world, build...

    Explore the cutting-edge components of Immetech’s clean medical grade workshop that enable us to deliver results of a precisely high standard for our customers, click play below for a special tour with one of our team members! [video width="640" height="368" mp4=""][/video] The workshop was established in 2020...

    With its extensive medical production experience Immetech was honored to assist Rescond Medical Co.,LTD in producing the automatic external defibriliator (AED) that makes a crucial difference in reviving citizens from cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is one of the most serious cardiac abnormalities for humans; it’s...

    Increasing global demands for sterilizer technology Since its creation Immetech has been using its wealth of experience to assist clients in the health technology markets. More recently Immetech has proudly assisted Handi with its production expertise to successfully launch a large-scale outdoor infrared hands-free sterilizer. From...

    Gas Injection Technology (GIT) is an innovative process that can be used with injection molding; it applies pressure to an injection-molded part during its cooling phase. Immetech's US partner Bauer Plastics Technology Group has put together useful and informative guides about how GIT solutions can help...