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Automotive and Communications Die Cast Mold Development

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Automotive and Communications Die Cast Mold Development

Production Application Case

With continued improvement of both technical as well as product development capabilities, the types and applications of die cast products are constantly expanding. We have seen major changes in types of alloy, die casting equipment, die casting molds and the entire die casting process. Especially in the past 20 years, aluminum and zinc alloys as well as magnesium alloy die casting parts have attracted great attention and rapid development in automotive and communication industries, in China and abroad. Most of these structural parts in the aforementioned fields are used for bearing parts, which is closely related to safety. The structural parts are joined with other components to form a high-strength, deformation-resistant frame. Structural parts of this type usually have the characteristics of large dimensions, thin walls and a complex structure. Since die castings require reliable safety during use, the mechanical properties of structural parts are also required to be higher.

Immetech Industrial has always focused on mold development and manufacturing, and with over ten years in the die casting industry, we have accumulated rich experience in aluminum alloy and zinc alloy die casting mold design and production. To date, we have provided reliable die casting mold, product development and manufacturing tasks for more than ten customers worldwide. During the extraordinary period of COVID-19, we are very grateful to our customers in the USA for their continued support and trust in our ongoing cooperation in mass production of die castings and delivery of orders.

In order to meet the high quality expectations of our customers with zero-defect quality requirements, we review our customers’ product quality standards in detail at each pre-production meeting and organize training for the production line personnel. We also organize the follow-up according to the requirements of a lean production method to ensure the control of the production process and 100% product detection before delivering the product to the customer. This way, we can guarantee product quality!

The process of die casting products: die casting → cutting gate → CNC lathe → CNC machining → leakage detection →100% detection → impregnation of chemical film →100% detection → packaging. Each process requires close contact and cooperation.

Immetech Industrial relies on the most advanced quality control system and sophisticated equipment as a guarantee, and has always been proactive, constantly optimizing processing technology and improving product quality. Our engineers have 20 years’ experience in precision aluminum alloy and zinc alloy/magnesium alloy mold development and production control. From design, prototype, mold, production through to assembly Immetech offers a comprehensive one-stop full service. If you need technical support for any die casting projects, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We will spare no effort to help you get your products to market as soon as possible.