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No winter lasts forever, every spring is sure to follow

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No winter lasts forever, every spring is sure to follow

A successful return to work for Immetech, whilst continuing to fight the coronavirus epidemic

The Chinese Spring Festival in 2020 is destined to be special. Facing the outbreak of novel coronavirus in Wuhan, Hubei Province, the Chinese government quickly and effectively organized for epidemic prevention and control.

At this point, the epidemic has lasted over one month and not only the whole country but even the whole world is actively supporting the fight against the coronavirus. Immetech, along with other companies with a strong sense of social responsibility, made donations of money and medical facemasks at the beginning of epidemic outbreak, hoping to offer some effective contribution in the fight to control the situation.

In addition to the donation, Immetech also actively undertook epidemic prevention and control measures according to national and local instructions.


For over ten years, Immetech has continuously supplied core accessories for a renowned Chinese medical integrative equipment manufacturer, Neusoft Medical Group, and the accessories Immetech urgently produced were assembled into their CT and Ultrasonic detection equipment and delivered to Hubei, to assist in the front line treatment of the coronavirus.

Because of this indispensable supply correlation and our diligent daily work in epidemic prevention and control, Immetech passed the local government audit and received their formal approval for manufacturing recovery on February 14th.

We believe that, with the effective command of the Chinese government and the collective efforts of all parties, we will surely overcome the epidemic at an early date. As it is said: “No winter lasts forever, every spring is sure to follow”.