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Huixin Industrial Park, Daxing Rd
Yangwu,Dalingshan Town
Dongguan, 523839
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The Chapel, 58 London Street
Whitchurch, Hampshire
UK, RG28 7LN
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We are pleased to announce that Philips will be incorporating lenses produced by Immetech into their range of LED lighting products. Philips LED lights are used in a wide variety of fields including offices, hotels, hospitals, airports and commercial property.As well as producing parts that...

Immetech founder and President Jason Xu has just returned from a successful and pleasant journey to the UK, to visit the company’s partner and UK office, in Whitchurch, Hampshire. During the visit the group held deep discussions around the current and future plans for ImmetechOur...

On May 14th 2016 the Immetech family got together for two days of military style training and team building. This kind of training is common all over China as it represents a great mix of physical and mental challenges which can build both your own...

With 5 successful years in operation under our belts, and business increasing year on year, Immetech is pleased to confirm a successful move to our new facility. The total area of the new location is more than 4,500m2, and Immetech also adds one large CNC...