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Gas Injection Technology (GIT) is an innovative process that can be used with injection molding; it applies pressure to an injection-molded part during its cooling phase. Immetech's US partner Bauer Plastics Technology Group has put together useful and informative guides about how GIT solutions can help...

Development of Immetech’s new R&D and marketing center is underway Immetech is pleased to announce that on September 24 2021, it purchased office building 506-508, Building F8, Nanchen Tianan Cyber Park, Dongguan, to be used as the company's new R&D and marketing operations center. This strategic move...

Immetech secures IATF 16949:2016 automotive quality management system certification Around the world, cars are becoming more and more popular as a means of transportation, and the market demand for cars is increasing. In recent years especially, the promotion and popularity of new energy vehicles has prompted...

In 2021, Immetech and Siemens have launched a strategic cooperation, adopting the use of legitimate, licensed UG NX software, which provides support for the maintenance of customer information security and the implementation of intellectual property strategy. Introduction to UG Software UG software is actually formally known as...

Design requirements for a 10K class dust-free injection workshop  A dust-free workshop refers to the removal of particulates, harmful air, bacteria and any other pollutant in the air within a set-out space. This also includes the indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, air velocity & distribution, noise,...

Insert molding is a process of inserting an article, such as metal, into the mold before the plastic injection process. After cooling and shaping, the plastic and metal will then be a unit as one collective part. Optimized insert molding has the following advantages: The...