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    New machines arrive at Immetech

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    New machines arrive at Immetech

    We recently took delivery of a range of new high-spec equipment here at Immetech, including a DMG MORI NMV 5000 DCG high-precision 5-axis machining center and over 10 sets of high-speed injection machines, including 4 Demag units, 4 Toshiba sets and a Haitian unit.

    The arrival of the new equipment is integral to the creation of a 100K-class clean medical injection molding shop at our facilities, enabling us to meet the demands and high expectations of our many customers in the medical equipment sector.

    As holders of ISO 13485:2016 certification for medical devices, we are continuously working to upgrade and improve our offering in the field of manufacturing and services for medical equipment, for customers around the world.

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