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New Injection Machines and Equipment Installed

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New Injection Machines and Equipment Installed

Constantly upgrading our equipment in a commitment to quality

Immetech recently took delivery on two new sets of Haitian 160T and 200T injection molding machines, integrated with a Hilectro XTA Servo unit, dehumidifying dryer, low speed grinders and a Haitian HTMC-9WG-P water type mold temperature machine. The Haitian machines have been fully installed and are up and running without a hitch. The equipment uses plastic, or other material, to inject into an injection mold, in order to achieve mass production of a wide variety of complex shapes. Advantages of these Haitian units include increased efficiency, both in production and energy savings, as well as more simplified and economic operation. Check the diagram below to view the setup, and the following pictures for more detail:


haitian injection machine labelled


The GB800 HD Hilectro robotic manipulator includes double section hanging, and is used for grasping parts which are ejected from the injection molding machine. It automatically takes the product and cuts off runners, then places the parts on the conveyor for checking and packing. This kind of automation is of course time saving, is lighter, consumes less energy and is simpler to operate. The robot can withstand high speed action, whilst ensuring low friction, with high rigidity and high precision. Immetech is already employing automation in our manufacturing process, and we are committed to continuing to add to our equipment credentials.


haitian injection arm view


The HTDC75HL-P Dehumidifying Dryer is there to ensure that all material for use in the injection molding machine is completely dry before it is put into production. It enables precise control of the drying process, which in turn improves drying efficiency. Furthermore it features a fully closed loop device to avoid moisture regain after material transportation. This is just another way we ensure quality control along every step of our project management and manufacturing processes.


dehumidifying dryer


HTGS250B Low Speed Grinders are used for crushing runner material for recycling into production. Advantages of this equipment include efficient mixing with new material, where material is pulverized into small and even particles, and a low powder content. Only some customers request the recycling of runners in this way.


low speed grinder


The Haitian HTMC-9WG-P Water Type Mold Temperature Machine controls mold temperature during molding. It features highly efficient water circulation for precise temperature control and heat exchange. Thanks to this, heating and cooling time is shortened, and the temperature is more stable. All these things lead to improved quality in the end result, which our customers will confirm has always been a top priority for Immetech.

haitian water mold temp


We are more than pleased with the installation and running of this set of equipment and will be bringing you further news as we continue to keep pace with developments in the industry. If you want to know more about the kind of equipment and capabilities we have on site, head over to our engineering section, and better still get in touch to discuss your needs.