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New Immetech R&D and marketing center planned

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New Immetech R&D and marketing center planned

Development of Immetech’s new R&D and marketing center is underway

Immetech is pleased to announce that on September 24 2021, it purchased office building 506-508, Building F8, Nanchen Tianan Cyber Park, Dongguan, to be used as the company’s new R&D and marketing operations center.

This strategic move has been made to further improve its professional and reliable customer service through product development, manufacturing and after-sales service, maintaining the company’s competitive position while developing a sustainable future through increased training for the marketing team and building on the after-sales service system. To date the initial design layout plan is completed, to be followed by the intensive renovation construction process, with a completion time expected in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Dongguan Nancheng Tian An Cyber Park is a key science and technology project as well as the largest technology business incubator & accelerator in Dongguan, with a total floor area of ​​more than 1,000,000 sqm. It has been awarded the honors of “Technology Business Incubator” by Guangdong Science and Technology Department, “Demonstration Industrial Park” and “Innovation-type Park” by Dongguan City. The workplaces in the park are adapted to a range of purposes, including research and development, testing, small-scale production, office business, and storage. Cyber Park has attracted more than 2,200 companies, and it has successfully gathered approximate 30,000 top talents and R&D engineers working and living in the park. Immetech believes its presence at the site will provide customers with more powerful product development and design, high-end manufacturing, process improvements, marketing and after-sales services and so on, expanding its capacity as a one-stop manufacturing services provider, and further enhancing the core value for customers.

Immetech has designed and produced a wide range of custom injection molded, die cast, extruded, stamped, silicone and other products, for various markets including: precision auto parts, medical, child safety, smart products, industrial, appliances, electronics parts and more. Based on the company’s mission to embrace the industry’s new craftsman spirit, we are determined to continue working hard and innovating for the enhanced life of mankind.

  • Immetech has over 10 years’ manufacturing experience, working with high quality materials and leading equipment, and is qualified with SGS ISO 13485 medical system certification and IATF:16949 automotive industry system certification.
  • Immetech has been recognized as a National High-tech Enterprise, and holds numerous intellectual property rights , design invention patents and appearance patents.
  • We are constantly upgrading and iterating our core technology, with advanced equipment including FANUC/DMG MORI  high-speed 5-axis /3-axis CNC machines and Makino/Mitsubishi mirror spark EDM machines from Japan, Sodick slow-feeding wire-cut EDM machines, Hexagon 3MM inspection machines and more.  There more than 23 sets of Sumitomo, DEMAG, Toshiba and ZHAFIR high speed injection machines.
  • Future-ready:Immetech’s industrial headquarters is located in the Nanchen Tianan Cyber Park, Dongguan, and its production facility of 11,000m2  is in Dongguan, Dalingshan. We also have offices in the UK and the USA, with a total number of employees over 150 people.
  • In the next three years, an intelligent interactive manufacturing factory will be built so customers can explore the whole project manufacturing process from the comfort of their own home or office.

Exterior view of the new office building