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New Immetech equipment – Sodick ALN 400QS wire cut machine

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New Immetech equipment – Sodick ALN 400QS wire cut machine

As a way of bolstering our processing accuracy and efficiency of our products and to enhance our competitive strength, we have decided to invest in more high-tech equipment. In May, Immetech imported from Japan a Sodick ALN 400QS high speed and slow-feeding wire cut machine, highlighting our constant dedication and investment in research and development for injection molding. 

Immetech understands that in order to compete on the international stage, an enterprise must be constantly improving the scientific and technological strengths, to remain impervious to the competition. Increasing the investment of science and technology funds is one way to guarantee the technological innovation of an enterprise, and the Sodick ALN 400Q is certainly one way of showing that.

The Sodick ALN 400QS adopts a high-performance linear motor with a direct drive method that eliminates the need for ball screws. The correct shaft movement without backlash is semi-permanently maintained, which is not possible with traditional drive (ball screw) methods. The linear motor features high response, high follow-up, being in the correct position of the control, with processing that displays excellent discharge characteristics. It comes equipped with a new power supply device and a new processing circuit that greatly improves the operation and production efficiency through the refinement and perfection of ergonomics. 

Immetech has several sets of wire cutting and discharge processing machines with oil and water specification, which can use φ0.03 ~ φ0.2mm diameter electrode wire based on the requirements of the customer’s product needs. The oil processing using ultra-fine electrode wire can achieve the surface roughness of 0.1μmRz, and dimension accuracy of ±1μm machining. 

Immetech is an extensive enterprise that offers a one-stop service across a plethora of production techniques that showcase our renowned high-quality finish, to help get your product to market on time. We offer Injection molding processes, integrated product design, mold development, molding, coating, electroplating, printing & dyeing, screen printing, assembly, logistics and more. 

Stepping into the production workshop of Immetech, you will not hear a deafening roar from the machines. Instead, you will be able to hear the precise movements and sculpting of our automatic production machinery, which is an unprecedented visual and audio representation of our technological innovation. 

Immetech conduct rigorous quality control checks and implement industry standardized processes, all the way from the raw material selection to the shipping and logistics of your product. Providing an industry-leading service for all our clients. We offer our innovation and quality for both the international and domestic stage and look to continue to do the same for a long time to come.