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    New high-precision Sumitomo equipment installed

    Immetech / News  / New high-precision Sumitomo equipment installed

    New high-precision Sumitomo equipment installed

    New high-precision Sumitomo equipment installed

    Sumitomo SE50EV-A all-electric precision injection molding machines put into production


    To “Serve products to the world, build molds to the globe” will always be Immetech’s vision. Our vision allows a way of thinking that guides the development of the business in the right direction by constantly investing in high-end complex equipment, developing our advanced techniques, and finding ways to speed up our one-stop service further. 

    We have taken each step in our stride ranging from our commenced production of the 10k medical dust-free workshop to the configuration and production of the DMG MORI 5-axis high-speed CNC machine imported from Japan. These long-term investments have made Immetech more efficient in mold processing and injection molding. 

    More recently, another acquisition was made in March 2021 with the installation of Sumitomo SE50EV-A all-electric precision injection-molding machines. They come equipped with the Japanese Star ESS800SII 5-axis servo robot hand, automatic injection-molding equipment, and a DC-700 dual-camera molding monitoring system, ensuring mold safety and achieving positioning accuracy to within less than 0.02mm.

    The Sumitomo SE50EV-A features zero-molding technology designed to help molders achieve zero-defect molding and optimum machine performance. In comparison to the general functions of an injection molding machine, it has the following 3 distinct advantages:

    • A shortened time from start-up to mass production 
    • High precision and reliable production quality
    • Reduced wastage  

    These distinct advantages can save a tremendous amount of time and money, all whilst improving the yield of quality products. So how do we can apply these advantages in practice? The Sumitomo SE50EV-A is capable of producing:


    • Thin-walled Parts

    The molding of thin-walled parts requires incredibly high speeds, a smooth and consistent filling, with appropriate clamping force, all of which the Sumitomo SE50EV-A can achieve. 


    • Optical Lens 

    It is well-known that the optical lens has a very high standard when it comes to part surface and part dimensions. The Sumitomo SE50EV-A can eliminate defects like black and white spots, prevent eccentricity and thickness variations, and maintain a stable production of an even mixture consisting of thin-walls and thick-walls.


    • Light Guide Plates

    The Sumitomo SE50EV-A can prevent yellowing of the plates, and eliminate gate burrs. 


    • Connectors and Precision Parts 

    Sumitomo SE50EV-A can improve the cavity balance, eliminate defects like black spots, burning, and gas, as well as providing excellent plasticising stability with a small shot volume.


    The Sumitomo SE50EV-A all-electric precision injection molding machine enables Immetech to provide a further enhanced molding solution.  Should your project require any of these elements contact us via [email protected] to book a free consultation session.