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New Energy Vehicles: Energy System Molding Solutions

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New Energy Vehicles: Energy System Molding Solutions

Improvements to the living environment is a hot global topic, with both developed and developing countries issuing environmental policies and plans, especially in the area of R&D and applications for green energy in the automotive industry. The core of automotive green energy applications is energy storage package, energy input and output management – also referred to as battery pack, charging pile and motor within the industry. Generally, for the design and manufacture of storage systems for new energy vehicles, the overall requirements are large energy storage with small physical volume, and fast and safe charging.

Immetech is leading in new energy vehicle applications, having provided plastics-molding solutions (including mold development and molding) for battery pack, charging pile and EV charger motor series parts for Saic, Gac, Liuqi, Baic and other well-know automotive companies.

Before showing our design scheme, we’ll share with you more knowledge on new energy vehicles’ storage system specifications and requirements.

Power battery pack

Batteries are categorized into chemical batteries, physical batteries and biological batteries. Regarding battery components, key characteristics in raw materials for the plastic shell are anti-corrosion, anti-fire and anti-impact. For the battery structure space, key characteristics are good heat dissipation, strong load bearing, light weight and strong seismic resistance. For the battery module interface, the required characteristics are high precision and minimal deformation during mold development and manufacturing, which are big challenges for plastic shell design, development and manufacturing.

Charging pile

There are indoor and outdoor charging piles. Compared with indoor charging piles, the requirements of outdoor charging piles are higher. The plastic area of outdoor charging piles must first be UV proof and waterproof, and then need to meet the requirements of fire prevention, impact resistance and high- and low-temperature resistance. All these bring certain difficulties to the material selection and structural design of the plastic area.

EV Charger

Key requirements for EV chargers UV proofing, waterproofing, impact resistance, fire prevention and high- and low-temperature resistance. Ergonomic considerations are also in play, to ensure user comfort with regard to the insertion force and during the normal transmission of power. The plastic areas’ material selection and structural design need professional and rich experience.

With the parts specification and requirements now clear, how should we design the plastic molding scheme?

Immetech can provide a one-stop solution, from material selection, to part development, to molding for battery packs, charging piles and EV chargers.

~ Material Selection

All plastic materials are selected from professional plastic manufacturers of new energy-specific materials, such as USA’s Sabic and Dupont, Germany’s Basf, Japan’s Asahi KASEI and other globally renowned brands. All the material manufacturers provide RoHS, REACH, UL, MSDSO physical property table or SGS report.

~ Part Development

For the waterproof part, we will design the seal ring and embedded hardware in advance in the limited space. We will design strength ribs for anti-impact and anti-deformation considerations. At the same time, we have a variety of part structural designs which have been approved by the national patent authority.

~ Plastic Mold Design

Great design for gate location, type and size, ejection system, water lines and venting is very important for the production of quality molds – this can help to resolve deformation, short shot, stress mark and most part issues. We have many mold designs approved by the national patent authority.

~ Molding

Strict implementation of SOP and SIP is required. Quality reports such as injection machine parameters, FAI report, shipment inspection and test experiment report are strictly recorded and determined. Inspection records are kept on file for over 15 years.

With our professional, high-end service, Immetech and customers have collaborated closely on completing new energy auto parts development successfully and launched to the market on time, to a great reaction. At Immetech we stand always by our core values of “focus, innovation, integrity, win-win”, and will continue to provide customers with high-quality products and service.