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New Corporate Video: Introducing Immetech

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New Corporate Video: Introducing Immetech

Welcome to Immetech’s new corporate video! From it, you can get a real sense of our company, and everything that makes us and our work special, including technology, capabilities, team and more. Click the link above, or any of the images, to watch it in full on YouTube.


technology ocean


You will be introduced to our advanced equipments for tool manufacturing, parts production, parts inspection, as well as finished products assembly.


dmg mori
fanuc okuma equipment

makino mirror edm equipment

hexagon 3d cmm

injection molding

mass production


At the same time, you will understand more about what Immetech can do for you: offering engineering design and project management, plastic products, hardware, rapid prototypes, injection mold development manufacturing, injection molding, die-cast mold manufacturing, production and secondary processing, mass production and assembly of products, and logistic services, all to the highest standard. These services cover all your needs across a large range of fields, including the automotive industry, home appliances, smart products, consumer goods, medical devices, communications equipment, security, energy-saving and more.

immetech does



What is most important is Immetech’s hope for the future – that of becoming the industry’s new craftsman spirit benchmark enterprise, and striving to achieve the goal: “serve products to the world, build molds to the globe”! Immetech is always dedicated to outstanding quality and delivery in the pursuit of these aims.




Here’s to Immetech; here’s to your success!

Thanks for taking the time to check out our video! Stay tuned for more technical and company updates here, or on our social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.