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New Colleague’s First Impressions

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New Colleague’s First Impressions

Heartfelt feedback from one of our newest team members

My name is Echo, and I just joined Immetech Industrial three months ago. I am really grateful to join a united and harmonious team where I meet managers who care about us, and warm and friendly colleagues. At Immetech, I have already been given many opportunities to grow and increase my skillset, at the same time I feel I am given trust and respect. Every achievement is applauded and encouraged by my colleagues, which makes me realize how wonderful it is to work and live happily.

Standing out among the candidates in interview

The interview is still fresh in my mind: On the morning of April 20th I came to Immetech for an interview full of enthusiasm. The front desk gave me a warm and smiling reception when I arrived. After filling in my basic information, I was interviewed by the Vice President, Sales Manager and CEO one by one. During the interview, I was calm and confident, we talked happily and shared the same ideas, so we soon reached a friendly cooperation. Finally the president asked me when I could start to work, and I said tomorrow, and that’s how our story began.

Joined Immetech successfully

Immetech is an entirely new industry and a new working environment for me. I was full of curiosity and a little bit disoriented. However, this tension dissipated quickly under the care and help from colleagues, and the infectious enterprise culture. In order to help me quickly adapt to the new working environment, my colleagues from HR explained the company’s founding history, future development plan, organizational structure and personnel system to me carefully. They took me to visit various departments to get familiar with the office environment and the code of conduct. Then my colleagues in the Sales Department took me to get familiar with the distribution of the company and patiently explained the relevant professional knowledge around molds. Through communication with relevant departments during work, I have come to appreciate the company culture more. Details such as a flowers and plants in the office, and positive posters, all demonstrate the strong values of the company: Focus, Innovation, Integrity and Win-win!


Grateful to join Immetech

Although it has only been three months, I feel like I have known everyone here for several years. Meticulous care and attention from the company, high standards from management, the concerted efforts from colleagues, all make me feel some regret that I didn’t join Immetech sooner. At the beginning of June this year, my mother was suddenly seriously ill and I needed to go back to my hometown to take care of her. Immetech’s CEO gave me 2 weeks holiday without hesitation and comforted me with great care. My new colleagues raised money very quickly when they knew my mother was lacking funds to have an operation. They also gave me encouragement that helped me to be strong and brave. The warm words and kind action made my heart swell, with appreciation and joy just like ripples becoming waves on a flat lake. Thanks again to all my colleagues in Immetech for your help and support. I feel very proud, and I firmly believe that my pride will lead me to work with more passion.

Go forward with Immtech, hand in hand


Over 10 years, Immetech has developed from a professional mold manufacturer, to a one-stop solutions provider in project development, production, sales and service, engineering, design, and project management. In the future, we will continue to meet the demand of customers, to improve the technology and quality of products. What’s more, Immtech has successfully obtained ISO13485 certification for the medical industry, opening another new era. To this end, I will work more diligently, improve my customer service and knowledge base constantly, and become greater together with Immetech. I can take good care of my family and help others only when I become strong.