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    Molding workshop passes 10K Class standard

    Immetech / News  / Molding workshop passes 10K Class standard

    Molding workshop passes 10K Class standard

    Immetech’s dust-free medical clean molding workshop has achieved 10K class standard certification

    A dust-free molding workshop is one where the degree particles in the air is controlled to a regulated level. This is achieved not only through sanitation and hygienic practices such as changing of clothes and shoes, but also through the use of environmental equipment and following a strict code of conduct to exclude harmful particles, bacteria and other pollutants from outside the workshop. The interior is kept dust-free with controlled temperature, humidity, air pressure, air flow speed and distribution, noise, vibration, lighting and static electricity all kept within a standard range.

    This control of dust, temperature and humidity in the air which products are exposed to, ensures that products can be manufactured in a very clean environment to meet high standard requirements: clean, precise and high quality. For products in the medical and photoelectric industries, a dust-free production workshop is a must.

    Immetech Industrial has built a controlled dust-free production workshop with high standards, undergoing professional, rigorous laboratory testing, and judged as 10K Class standard by the CMA China Measurement Certification. This certification is based on GB/T16292-2010, GB/T16293-2010, GB/T16294-2010, GB50591-2010, and BG50073-2013 standards for testing and determination in accordance with relevant testing methods and specifications for clean rooms/areas of the pharmaceutical industry.

    This is Immetech Industrial’s solid guarantee of production quality, demonstrating our respect for customers’ products and for their trust in us. We believe that professional third-party certification testing reports will enhance customer confidence in Immetech, and we will continue to unswervingly carry out and implement medical clean workshop work norms and guidance, with standardized strict quality management. We will continue to provide customers with the manufacture of medical and other products, making our contributions to the fight against the COVID 19 outbreak and for improving the quality of life for all people.