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    Limited Free Prototype Program

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    Limited Free Prototype Program

    Immetech offers new partners an exclusive opportunity for product development

    Be one of 50 to receive a free prototype – Specialists in a wide range of mass production and manufacturing techniques, and equipped with our own in-house assembly line, Immetech is offering a limited Free Prototype Program for potential new project partners.

    👉 Register for the free prototype program here 👈

    What’s your big idea? Bring it to life with a prototype and start your journey to market.

    prototype collection

    The following are some of the conditions for this limited time offer:

    • Offer is for a single prototype of up to 5 pieces per customer.
    • Overall prototype size shall be less than 500mm(L) * 500mm(W) * 100mm(H).
    • Prototype material can be ABS; PC; POM; Nylon or PP by CNC machining.
    • Customers shall be responsible for shipping of the finished prototype via their own UPS or FEDEX account.
    • Both parties will sign an NDA for the project.
    • The customer shall agree that any mold made from this prototype should be made by Immetech.
    • Immetech reserves all rights of explanation.

    Follow the link above to find out more and sign up!

    customer visit 13-square