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International Women’s Day: Celebrating the Women of Immetech

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International Women’s Day: Celebrating the Women of Immetech

The 8th of March 2021 was the 111th year of celebrating International Women’s Day across the globe. Firstly, everyone at Immetech wishes all women a great women’s day! 


In recent years the day has become a promotional shopping day in China, particularly in e-commerce. A lot of companies use slogans such as ‘Goddess Day’ or ‘Girls’ Day’ to promote the yearly celebration. Subsequently, this has become the topic of heated discussions online; is the term ‘women’ being used in a negative context, is it only a marketing gimmick aimed towards young, and beautiful women?  








The answer to this is no, the day is to showcase every daughter, wife, and mother, and for working towards an equal future. Women live life to the fullest, they work hard and exude independence.


Looking around us, we see more and more women in a variety of job roles. Women on the sales team use their wit and determination to develop and nurture customers and projects. In the finance department, women calculate budgets, costs, and allocate resources with great panache.


Women also lead the way in Quality Control, always striving for excellence in production, allowing no defects to pass their sharp eyes. The designers carry this on with their analytical know-how, creating complex and winning product designs on the computer.



Let’s not forget the front-line operators and assembly personnel, whose care and focus on the job is second-to-none, bringing products to life and being efficient as possible for our customers.



No matter what age, nationality, or job, all women deserve to be called a goddess for a day, and be free to partake in this celebration of womanhood. Immetech celebrated this awareness day by gifting goodie bags to all female team members for their amazing dedication to their jobs and making Immetech feel like one big, warm family. We send thanks to all our women, may you always shine and excel in your professions and be an integral part of Immetech!