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Installation of Three new Sodick Machines

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Installation of Three new Sodick Machines

High-performance slow–feeding wire-cut EDM machines now in place

Slow-feeding wire-cut EDM machines use a process involving metal wire (molybdenum, copper or alloy) as the electrode wire; this wire works with the pulse of an electrical discharge to produce high temperatures to melt metal or produce vaporization, to form a cutting seam and to cut out parts accordingly.

In order to embrace new challenges in 2020, Immetech has invested in three Sodick high-end slow-feeding wire-cut machines. This new equipment delivers the highest performance:

1:4-axis linear motor drive: High response, high follow-up, in the correct position control and processing provide excellent discharge characteristics

2:New power supply device and new processing circuit: through the “SL series”, it integrates the tablet mode and traditional mode (the first in the world), upgrading to the next-generation Smart Pulse Wire (SPW).

3:Improved operability and production efficiency: the standard configuration of ceramic components, piece brackets, mouth-shaped die base and Z-axis follow up automatic level adjustment function all improve the operability. In addition, high speed automatic threading device (FJ-AWT) and intermediate level control function can be used to achieve high-precision machining and improve production efficiency through unmanned operation.

The following are the specifications of the Sodick ALN400Qs slow-feeding wire-cut machine:

We are very satisfied with the installation and operation of these 3 Sodick machines and will continue to bring you further information as we keep pace with leading developments in the industry. To find out more about our facilities and capabilities on site, head to our Engineering page and you are always welcome to contact us to discuss your requirements directly on [email protected].