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Immetech’s Thoughts on Innovation

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Immetech’s Thoughts on Innovation

A recent article from The Manufacturer Magazine prompted us to think about the nature of innovation, both for Immetech, and manufacturing industry as a whole.

It’s clear from The Manufacturer’s report that there are multiple interpretations of “Innovation” within manufacturing. Here at Immetech, innovation is at the heart of so much that we do, and we aim to foster it within our workforce, to help maintain our competitive edge.

  • Manufacturing is an industry which evolves quickly, and we are continuously developing our own technologies and exploring new engineering avenues, to ensure our customers see the benefit of the highest industry standards.
  • Be innovative to solve problems for our customers. We expanded ourselves from a mold maker, to a one-stop manufacturing service, 2 years ago. We provide design services, tool/mold making, engineering and production for our customers.
  • We invest in a high-spec range of equipment from such suppliers as DMG MORI, Makino, Haitian and more, providing us with all the necessary resources to meet, and exceed, our customers’ expectations.
  • Working processes are regularly reviewed, to make sure that all procedures are effective and helping to deliver an efficient, consistent service. We listen to ideas on ways to improve processes, from staff at all levels!
  • We deliver regular staff training, keeping all our teams up to date with developments within the industry, helping them to expand their knowledge and skills.

At Immetech, we strongly believe in the value of an innovative outlook and approach. It helps to drive up and maintain product quality, encourages staff development, and ultimately ensures we stay at the cutting edge of moldmaking, with the ability to deliver the best service possible to our global customer base!