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Immetech’s Team Manifesto

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Immetech’s Team Manifesto

Following the core values ​​of “focus, innovation, integrity, and win-win”, Immetech is constantly improving itself in the pursuit of excellence. Since the launch of the company 10 years ago, we have been dedicated to winning quality and delivery. Immetech is determined to become the industry’s benchmark for a new spirit of craftsmanship. To achieve the vision – “serve products to the world, build molds to the globe” – the company continues to improve and refine our management system and working methods in accordance with international standards – in 2017 we gained the SGS ISO9001-2015 certification.

Immetech is a people-oriented company, focused on teamwork, and committed to a positive and enterprising spirit. The core of our corporate culture is trust, support, commitment and dedication. Immetech’s mission is shared by all employees and helps motivate us all in achieving success.

Take a look at the Immetech Team Manifesto:

Today, I came here with full enthusiasm.

For customers and my team to realize my value,

I will never let any customer or partner down!

I know that customers and partners are trusting in me.

They entrust me with important tasks and work hard with me.

I will always return the support of my customers and partners!

Quality service is the key to our success.

I will learn to bear and grow in the process!

I will take every step seriously and carefully.

Keep smiling to every customer and partner,

and fulfill and achieve each of my promises!

I love my team and my career.

I will always dedicate myself to it!


This manifesto is echoed throughout the team here at Immetech! This is what we insist on in our daily work – providing our customers with better and more comprehensive professional services.