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Immetech’s Spring Hike – Happy work, healthy life

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Immetech’s Spring Hike – Happy work, healthy life

As a way of promoting a healthier life, the Immetech team created a spring hiking expedition to further bolster communication and interaction between colleagues, and unify team spirit. 

On the afternoon of March 20th, all 115 Immetech team members set off for a hiking trip to the stunning Songshan Lake. Spirits were high, and along the way, everyone chatted and laughed, feeling relaxed and truly comfortable. 

When it comes to hiking some people are brisk in their stride, some are slow, and others will stop and start. However, we all took a moment to observe and capture the beautiful scenery surrounding us. After a productive first hour of walking, the group arrived at the first gathering point at the Huawei European Town”, which called for a quick squad photo shoot.



After finalising the last of the group photos, everyone bought a few travel supplies and began venturing on once more. The distance to the next location was further than before, so physical and mental flagging was more likely. 

Whenever moments of fatigue did occur, we as a team would encourage and assist one another to go further and push through this barrier. Soon enough with the help and support from each other, we arrived at the second meeting point, which was followed by some healthy competition between groups. 



At the second checkpoint, we stopped to play some teambuilding games, and through them, reinforced the value of teamwork on a day-to-day basis, truly enhancing the trust between us all. 



After the series of fun challenges, the Immetech team trekked back to base for a dinner party that was a feast of great memories and great food. Overall, many people found the hiking experience to be very meaningful for their mind, body, and sense of team spirit. 

We regularly arrange events to promote wellbeing, communication, and interaction between all Immetech team members. The outcome of these is a strengthened cohesion and a strong sense of teamwork from everyone. We are all already looking forward to the next group activity!