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Immetech holds successful review and conference

Immetech / Company Story  / Immetech holds successful review and conference

Immetech holds successful review and conference

Time flies! In the blink of an eye a busy 2021 has passed, and the start of the new year brings new hopes and goals for 2022. On 7th January Immetech gathered all senior company and business department staff together for the 2021 annual summary and 2022 business launch conference.

Developments during 2021

Before the 2022 conference, the Immetech team reviewed and summarized 2021, with several business developments of note.

We have successively introduced new high-end equipment into our production:

  • a DMG MORI 5-axis high-speed CNC machine from Japan
  • a Sumitomo precision injection molding machine from Japan
  • Sodick slow-feeding wire cutting machine

We set up social media, product development and domestic business departments.

Further high-tech enterprise certification was achieved; with joint efforts by all staff members, we obtained the IATF: 16949 automotive industry certification to improve the efficiency and reliability of our product development for customers.

Another important part of Immetech’s development was in the manufacturing and after-sales service functions; to maintain our competitiveness and future sustainable development, we established our R & D and marketing center in Nancheng.

New business developments

With the hard work of all colleagues and with the trust and support of customers, our business department employees went upstream. In 2021, we successfully developed relationships with 11 new domestic and overseas customers, thanks to our constant drive to build new business sales channels and directions. Entrusted by customers, we have completed mold development and production manufacturing tasks for many new projects, while continuing to create value for our customers to ensure the company’s stable development in turbulent times.

Recognizing hard work

With the new year, we are striding forward to meet a new round of challenges. In the past year, each of our employees were like eagles, fighting wind and rain to soar in the sky, creating good results and helping customers to cross insurmountable peaks. All these partners have allowed the great efforts of their work to stand the test of time. During the ceremony, Immetech CEO Jason awarded bonuses and flowers to the annual sales champion and runners up, with their achievements acknowledged by customers and all colleagues.


Happiness always comes so suddenly. While the company success has affirmed us, we are more determined than ever to continue creating value for our customers; adhering to our organizational vision of winning in quality and delivery time, striving for excellence every day to reserve energy for the future.

After an exciting awards ceremony, everyone was confident to sign the certificate of responsibility for the 2022 sales target.

Looking to the future

In a harmonious, warm atmosphere, Immetech’s 2022 business department kick-off meeting came to a successful conclusion. With the hope of the new year, Immetech sets sail with the aim of creating brilliance again. We look forward to creating more achievements for the company and customers in 2022 and sharing the joy of success after hard work.