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Immetech’s dedication to the ventilator industry

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Immetech’s dedication to the ventilator industry

When COVID-19 became a global epidemic, the ventilator became a lifesaver. Ventilators are medical devices that effectively substitute, control or change people’s normal physiological respiration, increase lung ventilation, improve respiratory function, reduce respiratory consumption, and save the heart’s reserves. Ventilators are primarily used in intensive and emergency medicine and anesthesiology, as well as home care, to provide breathing and mechanical ventilation for those who are physically unable to breathe or have insufficient breathing ability.

As the epidemic spread around the world rapidly, overseas demand for medical equipment, especially invasive ventilators, has increased dramatically. As public health incidents continue to worsen, many countries found medical resources running short and called on China for help. Ventilator production has very high starting point; besides mold design, it needs to break through such barriers as raw material supply, parts assembly and related certification, and so on. The Immetech team never fears challenges, has been working closely with Vincent Medical to provide a series of disposable circuits and accessories for the VOCSN multi-function ventilator for a well-known ventilator manufacturer in USA. The “VOCSN” multi-function ventilator manufactured by this ventilator manufacturer is the first and unique multi-function ventilator in the world, which consists of five different integrated medical devices. The VOCSN ventilator together with the non-invasive ventilator and respiratory humidification therapeutic apparatus produced by Vincent Medical, plays a very important role in the process of winning the battle against the COVID-19 epidemic and will continue to serve human health.

To meet the large global demand, Immetech assisted Vincent Medical in the development and production more than 50 sets of injection molds for disposable circuits and accessories for the ventilator. In the meantime, Immetech sped up self-improvement and completed ISO13485 medical certification in the beginning of June, and upgraded our molding shop to a dust-free workshop for full production of ventilator disposable circuits and accessories. The reason Immetech can respond so quickly to the needs of our customers is because we have been committed to helping in the transformation of the medical industry for the last two years and doing our utmost to support numerous medical companies to develop medical related products, helping them towards production and final assembly in-house:

  1. Cooperated with Philips and Neusoft Medical customers to produce CT scanner bed frames, ultrasound examination machine components, transformers, PDU etc.
  2. Cooperated with a US-based customer in the development and production of injection molds for supporting units of X-ray imaging probes for key scanning detectors
  3. Provide ICU monitoring equipment and heart-rate monitor protection bracket to US customers

Immetech will always continue in the upgrading and renovation of equipment, improvement of  production quality and process quality control plan for the medical industry, and the acceleration of the development and manufacture of medical equipment and accessories. This is our contribution to the building of a community with a shared future for everyone, and ensuring the health and quality of life of all humanity! For any related medical projects you have requiring technical support, Immetech will spare no effort to give you best service; please feel free to contact us at [email protected], we will do our best to support you!