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Immetech’s lighting solutions for new energy vehicles

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Immetech’s lighting solutions for new energy vehicles

Recent developments for the new energy automotive industry

The automotive industry has had numerous technological advances, especially for new energy vehicles with a wide range of interior car lighting designs often being the best way for car companies to differentiate their products. Subtle interior mood lighting can enhance users’ driving experience by setting the ambiance and guiding car use within the interior. There are various strip lights with detailed designs that not only improve the safety lighting, but also boost technology, bringing intelligent visual effects and high refraction levels. Strip lighting is also widely used for automotive taillights, optimizing the technology and aesthetic design of the overall vehicle.

Strip lighting full of useful technology!

Strip lighting is made from transparent PMMA or PC through the process of plastic injection molding. It’s also used for the luminous part of the headlight, benefiting it with subtle lighting, and energy efficiency for long-lasting use and power. Furthermore, using strip lighting requires fewer headlight bulbs, helping to minimize the overall weight of the car.

Manufacturing process and technical difficulties for strip lighting

As it’s an optical product, there are strict manufacturing requirements for strip lighting.

The molded raw material of strip lighting has high viscosity and is sensitive to moisture. It needs to be of high quality by meeting strict optical standards for factors such as light transmission, heat resistance, shape accuracy, surface gloss, and haze; During the production and injection molding processes there are strict requirements for process and stability, otherwise it’s very easy for product defects to occur.

Molds for headlights are generally thicker with a high bulk modulus so filling volume isn’t large, therefore getting the right combination of mold and injection is also a technical challenge.

Immetech’s unique solutions

Immetech has been building on its tech and processes to improve automotive molds and production services for many years. It successfully passed the IATF16949:2016 quality management system certification after a strict audit from the SGS international standard certification organization. Our professionalism, industry expertise and production efficiency comply with international standards, and this has also been proven with great feedback from our customers.

Our customers include BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, Ford, Faurecia, Plastic Omnium, Magna and other leading global players from the automotive parts manufacturing industry.

Toshiba’s high-speed injection molding machine in Immetech’s dust-free workshop tackles the characteristics and production difficulties involved in making strip lighting for headlights, taillights and mood lighting, that can also be compatible with various automotive designs as much as possible, fulfilling a gap in the market with extremely high cost performance, while achieving optical quality.

Currently, most models on the market are equipped with LED and strip lighting. With advanced, intelligent driving becoming more popular, strip lighting will be more widely used in automotive exterior and interior designs (i.e. mood lighting) as market needs broaden. Immetech will continue to focus on its customers and markets, while contributing to automotive industry growth, by strengthening the core competitiveness of high-quality development and its innovation.