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    Immetech’s Annual Conference

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    Immetech’s Annual Conference

    Celebrating the success of the last year, Immetech held its annual corporate end of year celebration at the Saoguan Junglvlun Hotel.

    Immetechs mission

    In 12 years, we have not forgotten our original mission or mutual support. Immetech president, Jason Xu, opened the conference by expressing his gratitude for the hard work of the Immetech family, as well as for the support and trust of customers and suppliers, with them Immetech has thrived. Jason Xu went on to describe the vision, mission, and values of Immetech, summarising the work over the past year as well as plans for 2023. Jason Xu, ended the speech by emphasizing the importance of Immitech’s original values and vision and to keep these in mind going forward into the next year.


    Celebration of 2022

    Honouring the previous year, members of the Immetech family prepared performances, which were enthusiastically appreciated by the crowd!


    Rewarding the Immetech family for their amazing achievements


    Many people have made outstanding contributions to the development of Immetech through their hard, and selfless work. To commend these individuals, honorary awards were presented to those who have gone above and beyond for the company over the past year.


    Planning for 2023

    In 2022, we worked with united values and vision. In 2023, Immetech will continue our hard work with passion, moving forward fearlessly as a new year means new opportunities.

    Building dreams together – a poem

    Time is changing, all thing become abundant
    The busy and fulfilling work has temporarily come to an end
    To celebrate the fruitful results of the previous stage
    and playing new movement for the next stage
    Immetech held a year-end corporate gala
    and award presentation at Shaoguan Jinglvlun Hotel