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Immetech’s 2020 Trip to Qingyuan

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Immetech’s 2020 Trip to Qingyuan

Working together for a brighter future


To thank the whole Immetech team for their amazing efforts and strong dedication to their work in a globally difficult 2020 we organised a 4 day adventure packed full of activities! The team stayed in Qingyuan and had the chance to relax and get to know each other even better as part of our “Working together for a Brighter Future” scheme. 

Upon arrival the team ventured to the Beijiang River, taking a boat to absorb the beautiful scenery that surrounds the river. To fully experience the lifestyle they even enjoyed a local delicacy of a fisherman’s lunch on the boat journey to keep them raring with energy!


Once the boat ride was complete and plenty of pictures were taken, the team relaxed in the Xinzhanyin hot spring which according to locals is known to soothe the mind, body, and soul. After a busy year for the Immetech family, reclining in the hot springs on a cold day is a great way to celebrate our success in 2020.



The following morning, the team visited YuntianBoba situated on the Glass Grand Canyon of Gulong Gorge that’s situated near the city of Qingyuan. Together the Immetech team climbed to the top of the mountain and embraced the spectacular surroundings that showcased the beauty of nature. We crossed over the glass bridge which led us to a stunning 360° vista exhibiting a delightful waterfall and clear blue lake. Definitely the place for one picture, and plenty more after! 



In the afternoon was the highly anticipated cross-country racing event of the year, with the Immetech team battling it out on 4×4 ATVs. After the racing, there was the fun of the crystal bomb field in a free-for-all friendly shoot fest that brought out the best of the tactically minded team. 



On the third day, we immersed ourselves in the Forest Corridor in Yinxifeng known as the “Small Guilin” and stepped into this enchanted paradise, marveling at the otherworldly workmanship of nature.



The fourth day was a day for the team to recover and reminisce about the action-packed adventure, enjoying a rich breakfast buffet before setting off for the return journey home. 

After such a joyous trip, we are all energised and full of enthusiasm to stay continuously focused towards Immetech’s mission and goals. 

2020 has seen the whole world taking action to fight against COVID-19, and the Immetech family is no different. We take up our social responsibilities to keep our customers and employees safe, earn our customers’ trust, and always remember the ultimate mission of the company. As ever, our great vision is at the fore: Serve products to the world; Build molds to the globe!