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Immetech’s 10K class clean workshop for extra product reliability

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Immetech’s 10K class clean workshop for extra product reliability

Dust-free workshop inspection

In recent years, development of clean, dust-free workshops has correlated closely with modern industry requirements and leading technology. Currently they’re widely used for sectors including biopharmaceutical, medical and health, optical, new energy, and precision instruments. Many see dust-free workshops as high-end, technologically advanced production centers ideal for efficiently producing core products for numerous premium enterprises.

They are widely acknowledged for being super clean and tidy with the ability to effectively control temperature, humidity, airflow velocity and pressure while avoiding harmful emissions, dust particles and other pollutants. This environment guarantees safe manufacturing conditions for customers. During the manufacturing partner selection process, for a company to identify a clean room manufacturer that delivers precise injection molds of a high quality, they must check that any potential partner’s clean room level and cleanliness standards meet its production requirements.

Many companies choose Immetech for their production needs, as its dust-free workshop focuses accurately on details and strict controls. To test its standards, it has employed Guangzhou STU Hengchuang Testing Co. Ltd., an institute with numerous qualifications including CNAS, and whose staff have a wide range of experience in the global testing & certification industry.

For inspection, the team wear full body protection including masks and gloves, and use specialist instruments to conduct a series of tests on indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, and other indicators needed to comply with standards of a 10K grade dust free workshop.

Data detection

Immetech’s clean room standards from securing 10k class certification:

1. Maximum number of dust particles permitted (per cubic meter ): ≤2500

2. No more than 350,000 particles greater than 0.5 microns, or 3,000 particles greater than 5 microns are allowed.

3、Maximum number of microorganisms allowed: the number of floating bacteria cannot exceed the quantity of 100 per cubic meter, or more than 3 per petri dish.

4. Pressure tolerance: Inside the workshop the pressure is positive and higher than outside, which has negative pressure. Air at the workshop’s door gap can only go outside but not into the workroom, and the distance between the clean room and the non-clean room is ≥10Pa. The temperature of Immetech’s 10K class dust-free workshop is controlled between 20~26°C.

5. Power distribution: The main production area’s illumination value within the clean room should be ≥300Lx, and the illumination value of the auxiliary studio, and personnel purification, material purification, airlock, corridor zones etc. should be 200~300Lx.

With proof that all tested indicators are up to industry standard, companies can trust Immetech’s successful 10K grade dust-free workshop qualification as a guarantee for careful production of medical instruments and consumables, precision molds, and parts for the new energy automotive markets.

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