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Immetech’s 800m² clean molding workshop in operation

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Immetech’s 800m² clean molding workshop in operation

New clean medical-product injection molding workshop has been put into use

Dust-free assembly workshops set up in 2016

With economic development, greater attention is paid to product quality, and to meet requirements for high-quality products, dust-free workshops began to be popularized. In 2016, Immetech established 3 dust-free assembly workshops to focus on the assembly needs of medical products.

When COVID-19 became a global epidemic in 2020, the ventilator became a lifesaver.

As the epidemic rapidly spread around the world, overseas demand for medical equipment, especially invasive ventilators, has increased dramatically. As public health incidents continue to worsen, many countries found medical resources running short and called on China to help. Ventilator production has very high starting point; besides mold design, it needs to break through such barriers as raw material supply, parts assembly and related certification, and other factors.

The Immetech team never fears challenges, and has been working closely with Vincent Medical to provide a series of disposable circuits and accessories for a well-known ventilator manufacturer in the USA. The “VOCSN” multi-function ventilator produced by this ventilator manufacturer is the first and unique multi-function ventilator in the world, which consists of five different integrated medical devices. The VOCSN ventilator, together with the non-invasive ventilator and respiratory humidification therapeutic apparatus produced by Vincent Medical, plays a very important role in the process of winning the battle against the COVID-19 epidemic and will continue to serve human health.

Expansion of clean medical injection molding workshop and introduction of new equipment

With increasing customer demand for medical products, Immetech imported 4 sets of Demag high speed injection molding machines and 4 sets of Toshiba high speed electric injection molding machines in July this year without hesitation; Immetech has always been proactive in the development of products to protect human health.

In the remarkable year of 2020, Immetech has grown despite adversity, becoming stronger and stronger in providing customers with reliable medical product research and development and production services.

Immetech will always continue in the upgrading and renovation of equipment, implementing improvements to the quality control plans for production and processes for the medical industry, and accelerating the development and manufacture of medical equipment and accessories. We see this as our contribution to the building of a community with a shared future for everyone, and ensuring the health and quality of life for all humanity! For any related medical projects you have requiring technical support, Immetech will spare no effort to give you best service; please feel free to contact us at [email protected], we will do our best to support you!