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Immetech wishes its team a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Immetech / News  / Immetech wishes its team a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Immetech wishes its team a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Tonight is the beginning of the white dew season, also known as Mid-Autumn Festival. It is when there is a beautiful moonlight enjoyed by many at this time of year, with everyone wishing each other a long, healthy, prosperous life filled with great success!

Today Immetech marks the occasion and wishes all its staff an amazing Mid-Autumn Festival, and also thanks them for their hard work. The company sent its well-wishes to employees with Mid-Autumn moon cakes.

At Immetech we have created a warm, harmonious working environment, which we believe contributes to our staff’s enthusiasm and efficiency. Having a strong, cohesive team ensures our work is completed smoothly and successfully, which as a result creates more value for our customers.

Immetech extends its greetings to employees during all traditional festivals to help them feel even more valued with a sense of belonging. The company also takes good care of its staff by supporting their development through its commitment to staff welfare.

Looking to the future, we have every belief that our valued team members will keep working hard and continue to achieve great success. As Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, we would like to sincerely wish everyone and their families good health, prosperity and happiness!