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    Immetech Team Building

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    Immetech Team Building

    team building 1On May 14th 2016 the Immetech family got together for two days of military style training and team building. This kind of training is common all over China as it represents a great mix of physical and mental challenges which can build both your own self-confidence, as well as comradery. The activity really meant a lot to the staff as we had the opportunity to:

    Understand what soldiers go through and learn from their spirit

    Learn to take responsibility and achieve our goals, by any means.

    Understand how important a team really is. With our team’s support, we dare to try, dare to fail, and dare to fly.

    Be grateful to our families, friends, colleagues, leaders and customers.

    In other words:

    If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone.

    If You Want to Go Far, Go Together.