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Immetech Team Building Hiking Day

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Immetech Team Building Hiking Day

Taking on 25km at Songshan Lake

immetech hiking 2-min


This March 23rd we just completed a fantastic 25km team building hiking day at Songshan Lake. We split our group into 5 teams and for a speed competition. The whole trip was finished before 4pm and in a little rain. At under 4 hours we completed the challenge quicker than expected!


immetech hiking team 3-min


After the trip, we enjoyed a dinner party together and awarded the teams with the best performance on the day. A few team members shared what they learnt from the experience. Most of us had never tried any long-distance challenge before, including Matt, our sales manager from North America. It’s a huge challenge! All the team members helped and encouraged each other to finish the whole route, making for a great team spirit. Our team is a great treasure at Immetech – nothing is impossible with a strong team. With this dedicated group of people, we are confident that we can deliver your projects above and beyond expectations, any time. We are looking forward to the next team building event soon!


immetech hiking 3-min

immetech hiking 1-min

immetech team prize 2-min