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Immetech Secret Scientific Molding Technology

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Immetech Secret Scientific Molding Technology

In-mold pressure/temperature and venting sensors live monitoring technology

At Immetech, our core competitiveness lies in the provision of high-tech molds and parts to customers worldwide. We have rich experience in In-mold pressure/temperature and venting sensors live monitoring technology, with applications for the related intellectual property rights and patents. If you’ve not yet heard about this advanced technology – read on! This technology has been developed through cooperation with American company RJG through a series of exploration and verification projects conducted over the last three years. RJG technologies are now successfully applied to our large and complex molds, and exports to the USA and Canada have won the praise of numerous customers. Here we will outline the key features of this core technology for you.

The advantages of In-mold pressure/temperature and venting sensors live monitoring technology:

For large and complex molds, with the limitations of current processing processes, particular requirements for special materials, and high-quality individual customer requirements, it is difficult to ensure gate filling and water channels evenly, not to mention ensuring an even water temperature in and out. For some special structure parts with large-area, thin-walled rib, this can lead to issues of the venting being unable to be released, or loss of venting in the parting line surface causing short shots. These problems can’t be anticipated and solved before mold-building by moldflow or experience. However, RJG In-mold sensors live monitoring technology can help support and fix these concerns.

The working principle of In-mold pressure/temperature and venting sensors live monitoring technology:

First we need to evenly design to install in-mold pressure/temperature and venting sensors in the core areas where we believe we will need in-mold monitoring. The position on the mold is then reserved for device installation, and the radar sensor junction box reserved. Through the sensor’s sensing point, we can read the related parameters during molding in injection machine, via the connected transmission lines and junction box. The live monitoring computer, allows for recording and analysis of the data, providing the core data for our production and process technology improvements, to assure quality parts shot after shot with real-time process control, with stored relevant data for later reference.

Watch the In-mold pressure/temperature and venting sensors live monitoring technology here:

Mold installation and production process:
  • Confirm the mold sensor is installed correctly, confirm the junction box and the wiring of each sensor are correct
  • Install the mold and confirm that the mold is working properly
  • Connect the production monitoring computer with the junction box of each sensor and confirm it works properly
  • Commence the mold production process, and the computer will read the relevant data
  • Analyze this data according to samples and make the correct adjustment of injection machine relevant parameters, until the production of qualified products.

Sensor placement in an injection mold should, whenever possible, be behind a moving ejector pin that is actually used to eject the part. A sensor located behind a moving ejector pin will be able to sense and measure the force required to eject the part out of the mold. The pin used must fully contact plastic in the mold runner or cavity and not contact or “kiss off” on mold steel in such a way as to impart a pre-load and cause false readings. Also you need to consider the size of the ejector pin, since it will impact the amount of force that is applied.

You must be very excited to learn this technology! If you have any related concerns or needs, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We will do our best to provide a professional solution and technical support to you in a timely manner. We believe that our expertise and technology can provide you with excellent quality at a reasonable cost. Special thanks to RJG’s professional team for their technical guidance and support. We believe that there is no boundary for technological knowledge, and we hope to continue our close collaboration to provide high-quality molds and products for customers all over the world. Find out more about In-mold pressure/temperature and venting sensors live monitoring technology in this example video.