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Immetech | sales award trip

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Immetech | sales award trip

Kitty Xu, Project Manager

To encourage the marketing team to expand their performance, Immetech implemented a new performance appraisal method for the team in July 2020. Through my hard work and the strong support of my customers and team, I achieved 100% of my sales target over July, August and September. I was honored to receive the company’s award, a chance for a leisure trip.

As soon as I won the award, I happily shared it with my parents and invited them to travel together with me. We unanimously chose Guilin: “Guilin’s scenery is the best in the world,” is famously described in primary school texts, and the idea greatly attracted us.

It takes only two and a half hours by high-speed rail from Guangzhou to Guilin. We watched the magical large-scale song and dance show “Dream Lijiang” and tasted the local cuisine of beer fish after we arrived.

The next day, we visited the picturesque peach blossom area early in the morning, followed by a boat trip on the Lijiang River. When the well-known scene from the 20-RMB note appeared in front of us, everyone was very excited. The water of the Lijiang River is as clear as is written in books – you can clearly see the sand under the water. Later, we went to Yinziyan to experience the wonderful works of nature, and finally trekking along the Yulong River, seeing a wonderful scene of camels crossing the river.

On the last day, we visited the villages of the Dong minority ethnic group, and learned about the local cultural features. We also visited the famous scenic spot Elephant Trunk Mountain, marveling at the beautiful rivers and mountains and picturesque scenery of the motherland.

I really cherish the time spent with my parents over these days. It will be a wonderful memory in my life. Thanks to my dear customers for their support all the time; I also want to thank my team-mates for all their help. The most important thing is to thank the big family of Immetech, and this chance to feel the happiness of spending quality time and enjoying the world with our parents and family.

This pleasant trip is over, and I’m back at the work I love. I will continue to provide excellent service and create value for customers with ever more enthusiasm and professional spirit. Let us go all out for the dream, let our talents display to the fullest!