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Yangwu,Dalingshan Town
Dongguan, 523839
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Immetech Relocates to New Office

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Immetech Relocates to New Office

With 5 successful years in operation under our belts, and business increasing year on year, Immetech is pleased to confirm a successful move to our new facility. The total area of the new location is more than 4,500m2, and Immetech also adds one large CNC and one EDM machine to the existing equipment line, to offer our customers even better service. We believe Immetech can grow ever stronger with the continued support and trust from our partners!

The new address is:

Building F, Huixin Industrial Park, Daxing Rd, Yangwu, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China 523839.

Visitors are always welcome at Immetech, to check out our facilities and discuss how we can meet your needs. To arrange a tour or appointment, get in touch via our contact page.