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Immetech: Ready for the Future

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Immetech: Ready for the Future

A New Year is a time for looking to the future, and at Immetech, this year we have revisited and refreshed our company’s vision and outlook. For many years, our guiding motto here at Immetech has been the phrase “Serve products to the world, build molds to the globe”. As a one-stop solutions provider to the global manufacturing industry, we endeavor always to bring our customers the very best service and products possible, enabling them to bring their ideas to fruition, and their products to market, in the most efficient and effective way.

The origins of Immetech

The heart of our business can be seen in the company name, Immetech.

I stands for Industry: the services we offer as a one-stop solutions provider are crucial for the global manufacturing sector.

M stands for Mold: we bring customers the value of our in-depth knowledge of all stages of mold development, from initial design, through tooling, testing, refinement and final production and delivery.

M stands for Medical: for many years we have invested in the facilities which enable us to provide specialist molding services to the medical and healthcare sectors. This includes the installation of a high-end 10K medical-grade molding workshop and achievement of specialist medical device production certification.

E stands for Electric Vehicles: Immetech has developed numerous solutions in collaboration with clients in the EV sector, both within vehicles, and for the accompanying infrastructure such as charging ports. We are proud to contribute towards the enhancement of green mobility!

TECH stands for Technological: we are continuously investing in the implementation of cutting-edge technology, from latest molding and related equipment, to advanced software and systems which help ensure consistency and quality in the products delivered to our customers.


Our team brings customers the assurance that comes with over 20 years of industry experience in the molding sector. Our in-depth knowledge of the complexities of mold design, tooling, materials selection, mold creation and mass production is second to none. We are always prepared for any eventuality; for our dedicated team, problem-solving comes naturally, and we find innovative solutions to surmount the inevitable hurdles that face any manufacturing project.

Investment in quality

Immetech is continually upgrading facilities, equipment and software, to ensure the most high-end service is delivered to our global customers. Our current offering includes 43 sets of mold-making equipment, a verified 10K medical-grade molding workshop, a 100K-class assembly workshop, and 300K cleanliness-grade molding workshop. International certifications have been sought and implemented, including IATF 16949:2016 Automotive Industry Quality Management System and ISO 13485:2016 Medical Device Quality Management System.

The ability to deliver

Immetech has the staff, facilities and capacity to bring manufacturing projects to life, for customers everywhere. World-renowned brands have placed their trust in us, year after year, for the reliable delivery of the molds, products and results they need.

In-depth industry knowledge

Immetech works with customers and a wide range of industry sectors, always going the extra mile to bring exceptional service. From meeting the high cleanliness demands of the medical equipment industry, to providing innovative solutions for both the traditional automotive and the burgeoning electric-vehicle industries, to collaborating on the development of next-generation AI products, we bring wide-ranging and in-depth industry knowledge.

Helping all to live a better life

Our mission, as a company, is to help people everywhere to live a better life. Whether this is our customers, whose peace of mind we strive for with our support on every project, or their customers, who benefit from high-quality and dependable products, or our own teams, who are a highly-valued part of the Immetech family, our aim is always to help improve quality of life in whatever way we can.

Put your trust in us

From initial concepts yet to enter the mass production process, to existing products with many years in the market, Immetech is ready and able to support you in your manufacturing project. Get in touch to discuss your requirements on [email protected]. Let’s be ready for the future together!