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Immetech | Production of key medical equipment components

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Immetech | Production of key medical equipment components

The sudden outbreak of the novel corona virus (COVID-19) has introduced us to many every-day heroes in this smokeless battle; everyone is fighting the epidemic in their own way, and each deserves to be saluted and remembered.

In the prevention and control process of COVID-19, the CT scanner produced by Neusoft Medical is seen as an important tool for definitive diagnosis, due to its excellent performance in fast and accurate diagnosis. With the virus outbreak coinciding with the Chinese New Year, the epidemic medical frontline has seen great and urgent demand these devices. Medical device and medical parts manufacturers moved to return to work as soon as possible, working together to supply critical medical devices rapidly, to combat the epidemic.

Neusoft Medical Systems is a renowned manufacturer of large and high-end diagnostic equipment and is a cloud diagnosis service provider. Over the years, its product range has been continuously enriched and now has nine cloud-image product lines – CT, MR, DSA, XR, PET/CT, RT, US and IVD, establishing a number of national firsts in this field. 10 years ago, Immetech had the privilege to become a supplier to Neusoft Medical for key components for their CT scanners and ultrasonic detection devices such as CT scanner bed frames, transformers, PDU and more, core materials for the HD8 model which is the star epidemic prevention and control product at this time.

In the battle against COVID-19 Neusoft medical, as the CT equipment provider to many domestic hospitals, including Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan, was in short supply of key materials in its inventory, so it proposed an emergency production coordination request to Immetech.

In response to our customer and government requests, we arranged a rapid return to work on February 14 to produce key components for the national epidemic prevention and control efforts. Through half a month’s efforts by all Immetech staff, we delivered the first batch of key CT components to our customer last week.

The positive action by Immetech has also been recognized and supported by the government, with our inclusion in the list of national emergency supplies enterprises issued by Dongguan Bureau of Industry and Information Technology.

We believe that, with the strong unity of all Chinese people, COVID-19 in China will be controlled quickly and decisively, and people all over the world will surely win the battle too! Immetech, Neusoft, keep fighting, Wuhan, China, stay strong!