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Immetech Outdoor Teambuilding in Huizhou

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Immetech Outdoor Teambuilding in Huizhou

In early March Immetech carried out a 2-day team-building exercise in an effort to enhance team collaboration and enrich the team’s support network. The planned days of activity deeply moved our staff, revealing their capacity for responsibility, courage, and dedication. 



No individual is perfect, but a team can be. The perfect team is one with an established team culture, unified hearts, and a one-for-all vision of their goals.



Firstly, under the guidance of our coach, we completed a series of military-style training exercises, with flags awarded for our efforts. We truly felt connected as a team and unified our thoughts to successfully overcome challenges to reach our goal. Even the most difficult tasks can be accomplished when people help and trust one another.



As well as physical training, we worked as teams to solve logic puzzles and, after a full day of challenges, everyone was in high spirits. The joy of teamwork continued with the preparation and cooking of dinner, with each team member coordinating responsibilities for chopping, cooking, and cleaning. 

Following dinner we danced around the bonfire and played games, taking the time to relax in a serene environment with the companionship of the Immetech family.  



Dawn broke on the second day with further challenges, the first challenge was all about survival. Two teams were dropped off in an unfamiliar urban district with only 100RMB (approx. $15) and no mobile phones, and instructions to return to the training base within a specified time. Calmly, the teams formed plans, engaged the generosity and kindness of strangers, and returned to base in good time. 



The final challenge was to scale a 4-meter wall by forming a “human ladder”. After a little trial and error, through collaborative efforts all team members climbed the wall. With the task completed in 8 minutes 42 seconds, we were well within the coach’s 30-minute time limit! It goes to show one individual can only go so far, but a team can achieve anything. 



After the final challenge, the Immetech CEO and his wife congratulated the team on their determined efforts and rounded off the event with a heart-warming speech about the entrepreneurial journey Immetech has undertaken, making leaps and bounds in progress over the years, resulting in the team gaining further gratitude and deep respect for the company. 



Overall we learned a lot about ourselves and our company, and plan to apply everything we’ve learned from these two days into the development of both our life and our work. The trip further enhanced the team values of Immetech: Focus, Creativity, Integrity, and Win-win, and highlighted our determination to realise the Immetech vision: Serve products to the world, build molds to the globe.