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Immetech obtains latest version of SMETA 6.1 certification

Immetech / Company Story  / Immetech obtains latest version of SMETA 6.1 certification

Immetech obtains latest version of SMETA 6.1 certification

2019 is a year to be remembered here at Immetech, having passed our tenth spring and autumn. We have also received good news – having submitted for Sedex member ethical trade audit standards, Immetech passed the audit and obtained the latest version of SMETA 6.1 certification. In light of this, we sold new products to Wal-Mart successfully.

Well, what is SMETA?

Sedex, a global membership organization, is the abbreviation of Supplier Ethical Data Exchange; its product SMETA is an audit methodology that provides a compilation of best practice ethical audit techniques. It is designed to help auditors conduct high-quality audits, covering all aspects of responsible business practice, covering the four areas of labor, health and safety, environment and business ethics. Sedex is a web-based database that helps companies store labor code information in their business areas, and their customers can also share this information.

Today, Sedex has won the favor of many large retailers and manufacturers, including Wal-Mart, Co-op, Geest, Grampian-Foods, Hallmark Cards, Sainsbury and Tesco among others. Therefore, Sedex certification is one of the strict requirements for access to many large retailers’ supplier systems.

SMETA aims to allow suppliers to share an audit with multiple customers, meet multiple customer requirements and reduce duplication in social and ethical audits. SMETA has three elements:

  • General best practice guidelines for conducting ethical trade audits
  • Common audit report format
  • Common corrective action plan format

Each SMETA audit is accompanied by a unique reference code to ensure that the SMETA audit is properly validated.

Since its establishment in 2009, Immetech has maintained a steady growth. Moreover, Immetech always pays great attention to continuous improvement and innovation. Now, through collaboration with our customers, and upgraded systems, institute, management and quality, and successfully attaining the SMETA 6.1 certification, Immetech has entered the Wal-Mart supply chain and acquired a place in global retail channels finally.

Having the SMETA 6.1 qualification at this time will definitely push Immetech’s continued improvement in systems and management further, and will also be a milestone in the company’s development progress. In the future, Immetech will still focus on innovation, exploit new markets, and offer better services to all our customers! Also, Immetech will do our best to win more distribution share in Wal-Mart channels.