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    Immetech | Innovation with SEGA to enhance product value

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    Immetech | Innovation with SEGA to enhance product value

    In a global era of innovation in science and technology, China has always been at the forefront. All domestic industries are constantly developing and growing in technological capacity and innovation; Immetech is likewise working hard to contribute to the field of intelligent manufacturing.

    Since 2012, Immetech has cooperated with one of the four major Japanese game developers, SEGA Games Co., Ltd, a software and hardware research and development company in the electronic games sector. Through years of collective efforts, we have collaborated with SEGA Corporation to design and develop a number of new accessories for large-scale interactive competition game machines, which have been very welcome in the market.

    In May this year, we launched our joint project to develop components for new large-scale interactive competition game machines. The initial design process was blister mold, but with the blister molding process there is an obvious reduction in the quality of appearance, which would greatly affect the end customer’s purchase experience. After numerous discussions and analysis between our engineering team and SEGA’s R&D team, we finally decided to build an injection mold and to run molding and painting processes instead of blister molding. This process represented a big challenge for us, particularly the development and production of a thin-wall acrylic plastic mold for the large transparent appearance of highly-polished parts and the subsequent injection molding. The process integrates the large area of A-1 grade polishing and molding, automatic material cutting after molding, partial protection by PE film, large section of transparent acrylic for painting and protection, automatic fixture research and development, as well as research and development for innovation in various processes, design and production, so that the product appearance level significantly improved. Through continuous review and improvement by Immetech and SEGA engineering teams, the first sample was finally launched in July 2019. Mass production and delivery in August ensured smooth and successful participation in a China/Japan/America games show in September, and positive recognition by SEGA and consumers.


    Immetech is committed to continuous improvement and enhancement through cooperation with technological companies from all over the world, and to constant innovation as we work hand-in-hand with global customers to contribute to the development of the intelligent manufacturing industry.