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Immetech exhibit at PTXPO

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Immetech exhibit at PTXPO

On the 28th – 30th of March in Rosemont, Illinois – Immetech attended the annual PTXPO to discuss everything from injection molding to mass production.

The Plastics Technology Expo (PTXPO) is an annual North American tradeshow where businesses within the manufacturing sector exhibit, network, and educate each other on everything plastics, including mold making, injection molding, 3D printing, thermoforming, and much more. The expo provides a great sense of community within the industry, providing networking, and educational opportunities. This year 254 businesses exhibited at the expo.

At Immetech, we offer a comprehensive, high-quality, one-stop manufacturing service. We displayed our capabilities at PTXPO, where we highlighted our experience in product development, prototyping, injection molding, as well as our expertise in the automotive and medical sectors.

After a few years of following strict COVID-19 guidelines, it’s been great to travel again since the easing of pandemic restrictions, and to meet our wonderful customers. Immetech CEO, Jason Xu, reflected on the changes in Chinas epidemic policy, the easing of travelling restrictions, and how it has affected travel into China “China is very safe, we don’t need to wear a mask anymore, nor does it require mandatory isolation. But after three years people have developed a habit of thinking, this is the worst!”. Immetech is excited about the expanding opportunities that the easing of China’s travel restrictions offers Chinese tourism and our customers in the future. Watch below to hear directly from our CEO.


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Immetech loved meeting the crowds, and outside of the show CEO Jason Xu met up with an old friend and former product engineer, who shared an electric bicycle he had designed. Jason noted how he assisted in optimizing some of the parts, and also appreciated the impressive operational efficiency of the bicycle, describing the bike as “high performing”. Take a look below!



Immetech have thoroughly enjoyed meeting customers and exhibiting at the PTXPO this year. We hope that with the easing of Chinas traveling restrictions, that customers feel welcome to visit us in the future. Click the image below to watch our video recap on LinkedIn.